Palworld to Introduce its First Raid Boss, Bellanoir

Since its release in Early Access, the development team for Palworld have been hard at work making updates for the game, fixing various bugs and adding new and improved features. Continuing this trend, Pocket Pair has just teased a major addition in the next update — the first Raid Boss in the game!

Palworld Raid Boss

The upcoming update will introduce the first Raid Boss, giving players a new challenge to tackle in the endgame. While details are scarce, we do know that the Raid Boss will be against a brand new Pal called Bellanoir, and that “only the most skilled Pal Tamers stand a chance against her”.

We don’t know much about the new Pal, but based on her appearance, and the teaser video’s description calling her a “powerful evil Pal”, it’s probably a safe bet that this will be a Dark type Pal. This will also definitely be a level 50 enemy (or potentially even higher level, if they want to make this Pal more of a threat than the current bosses).

palworld bellanoir

As for the nature of the battle itself, we don’t get to see any gameplay of it. Judging from the teaser, it looks like you will need a special device to even initiate the fight to begin with. It is also likely that like most games that have raid content, it will be highly encouraged to tackle this fight with a group of trainers, rather than fight her solo.

While there wasn’t a date given for this coming update, the team did also say that in addition to adding the raid, “there will also be some fixes and additional anti-cheating measures to make the game more comfortable for everyone.” In anticipation for this fight, make sure you get yourself and your Pals as strong as possible!

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