Shadow of the Erdtree’s Red Bull Level Livestream Will Feature Reveals and Behind-the-Scenes Content

Just can’t wait for more Shadow of the Erdtree information? Neither can we. And, thanks to Red Bull’s ‘Levels’ upcoming livestream, you’ll get a chance to watch several creators embark on an “exclusive first playthrough” of the DLC, live on Twitch. According to Elden Ring’s website, the event promises to deliver many “world-first reveals,” including exploration of the new Shadow Lands, a deep dive into the lore, and presumably a lot of getting killed by bosses that the content creators will swear they almost had.

The livestream, which will take place on Red Bull’s official Twitch channel at 9am PT / 12:00pm ET / 6pm CEST, will be hosted by frequent e-Sports cast Giniro, alongside streamers Otzdarva and Dinossindgeil. It will take place in Atelier Gardens, Berlin.

This should be similar to a previous Red Bull Levels livestream for Elden Ring itself, which also took place about a week before the game’s release on February 19 of 2022. For context on just how revealing this upcoming livestream will be, keep in mind that that first livestream revealed the intro cutscene, several massive areas of the game (including a healthy chunk of Liurnia), the Margit boss fight, and PvP between the streamers present there. So, if this upcoming livestream is anything like that one, and you want to know more about the DLC, you probably should mark it on your calendar.

Again, the Red Bull Level livestream will take place on Red Bull’s official Twitch channel at 9am PT / 12:00pm ET / 6pm CEST. Maybe we will see you in the stream chat, Tarnished.

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