Baldur’s Gate 3 Reveals Official Mod Support

Larian Studios just put up a Community Update about their upcoming Patch 7, and with it, great news for fans — the newest Patch is going to introduce an official toolkit in order to create, install, and manage mods! While the Patch isn’t out until September, the studio wanted to give a little insight on how the toolkit will work.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Mod Support

While modding was never forbidden in Baldur’s Gate 3, having the official mod toolkit means that it will become a lot more convenient for people trying to utilize them in their game. One of the main benefits is that mods used through the toolkit will have improved compatibility, meaning that updates to the game won’t run the risk of ruining your mods, which is a problem that can happen with third party mods frequently.

Modders will benefit from this as well, as the toolkit will grant access to the game’s internal editors to make creating mods smoother than before (unless you want to make a more script focused mod). Additionally, they plan on adding this toolkit for PlayStation and Xbox consoles! Consoles outside of PC don’t usually get to benefit from the use of mods, so this will be great news for console owners.

baldur's gate 3 artificer mod
Modders already were adding new Classes through mods, imagine what they can do with official support now!

During the update, Larian also listed out what exactly the modding toolkit will consist of:

  • Access the editor to create your own mods.
  • Upload mods directly to servers.
  • Load levels read-only to look at all the local entities, as well as the setup, and test your mods in-game while creating them.
  • Get access to our internal editors for supported asset types such as textures and visual models, allowing you to override them directly in your mod through the developer interface.
  • Publish your mod via the editor where it will be moderated and made visible in the in-game browser, or pack your mod locally to upload to a third-party site.
  • Mod UIs through file editing. We will provide documentation that will explain how our internals are set up to solve mod loading/compatibility issues.
  • Within Baldur’s Gate 3 itself, you’ll be able to:
    • Download and manage your mods directly.
    • Manage multiplayer and save game files through a verification UI.

To make sure everything goes smoothly with the Patch, Larian will be doing both an alpha and beta test in June and July, respectively. Once the Patch officially comes out in September, we will have plenty more mods to look forward to trying out and making!

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