How to Find The Adamantine Forge – Baldur’s Gate 3

When exploring the subterranean land of Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3, you might stumble onto some clues pointing you in the direction of the Adamantine Forge said to be able to craft items of legend. This guide will help you embrace your inner Dwarf by digging with the appropriate combination of greed and depth to find the Adamantine Forge.

Prior to your arrival to the Underdark, a group of three Drow set out on a quest to find the Adamantine Forge, and by retracing their steps you’ll be able to learn how to find and operate it. These Drow are Filro the Forgotten, Xargrim, and Dhourn. When you find them, they won’t be at all cooperative. As such, having a Speak with Dead spell prepared will be of great help when trying to uncover the mysteries of the Forge.

You’ll encounter Filro on a ledge directly to the north of the Underdark – Sussur Tree Waypoint alongside a Hook Horror. The easiest to find and least useful of the three Drow, Filro has gone mad and will attack you on sight. Once you dispatch him, you’ll be able to interrogate his corpse using the Speak with Dead spell, and he’ll tell you about the Forge and give a quick tip the the Forge’s guardian can only be destroyed in magma.

You’ll find Xargrim’s corpse behind a wall of vines inside the Myconid Colony. The main way to get inside involves completing the Defeat the Duergar Intruders quest for the Myconid Sovereign. Completing this quest is highly advisable as you’ll have to deal with the Duergar regardless on your way to the Forge and the reward of Bliss Spores (+1d6 bonus to Attack Rolls, Ability Checks, and Saving Throws until the next Long Rest) is too helpful to pass up considering the challenges ahead.

On his body, Xargrim, known at this point simply as Pale Corpse, will have a bunch of stuff, including the Flumph Mating Rituals tome. Reading the book and passing either a Nature or Investigation check will reveal it as The Great Furnace of Grymforge that will let you know how to operate the Adamantine Forge once you find it.

bg 3 flumph manual

Interrogating Xargrim’s corpse after picking up the book will allow you to get a much easier Investigation check, tell you that Dhourn knows where to find the Forge, and warn you about the Spectator, which is a form of Beholder – a giant floating eye monster with considerable magic powers.

The fastest way to find Dhourn is to jump out of the broken window of the Selûnite Outpost and climb down the ledge (mind the exploding mushrooms). Once you get down, you’ll see a group of petrified Drow. If you have the means to alleviate this condition, you shouldn’t bother, as if you keep going, you’ll be ambushed by the Spectator Xargrim’s corpse mentioned. It’s a nasty beastie with access to some powerful magic and the ability to unpetrify the Drow who will join the fight on the Spectator’s side.

Should you win the battle while keeping Dhourn alive, the Spectator’s Charm will wear off and you’ll be able to have a chat with him. He’ll share some information about the Forge and then attack you (together with his remaining friends) because you know too much.

bg3 live dhourn

Either way, on his body Dhourn will have a Memory Shard – a crystal containing the location of the Forge. Passing two Arcana checks will reveal the location to you. Alternatively, you can interrogate Dhourn’s corpse using the trusty Speak with Dead method to learn the password that will let you skip the checks.

bg3 dhourn shard

Armed with all this information, you’re ready to set out for the Forge. Head to the Underdark – Beach Waypoint you hopefully unlocked when dealing with the Duergar for the Myconid Sovereign and use their boat to set sail for Grymforge – once a bastion of Sharn, and now a Duergar base.

bg3 boat to grymforge 2

Initially, you’ll know the Forge’s general location, but will have to figure out how to reach it all on your own. Or since you’re here – with some help from us.

The Forge is actually situated outside the main Duergar base, and it may not be obvious how to leave its confines. Throughout the place, there are actually multiple spots where you can utilize various Jump-enhancing spells and abilities to reach distant ledges and walkways taking you to where you need to go, while your less athletic characters can rely on the Misty Step and Dimension Door spells. Below you’ll find several screenshots illustrating some choice jumping locations.

However, the easiest way to leave the Duergar base is to head up the stairs directly by the Underdark – Grymforge Waypoint and run past Stonemason Kith until you reach a cave-in. The Duergar are having some trouble clearing it out and will ask for your help. If you use the Speak with Animals ability on the beasts of burden working on the cave-in, you’ll be able to convince them to help you out or attack their masters. Either way, after the cave-in is cleared, the Duergar will attack you (make sure not to stand near any pits or they’ll be all too happy to push you in). Once you’re done, the path will be cleared and the entirety of the Grymforge will be yours to explore.

At this point, your task will be to collect the Moulds and Mithral Ore required to craft Adamantine gear at the Forge (despite what the Duergar might tell you, Adamantine Slag is useless to you in your endeavor and simply exists as junk and a hint that the Adamantine Forge is nearby). Following our How to Get Moulds for Adamantine Forge and Mithral Ore guides will put your right inside the Forge with everything you need to start crafting.

Alternatively, if you just want to reach the Forge, you should head straight through the newly opened door up two flights of stairs. From there, descend the Iron Ladder and get to the other side of the area by either jumping the gaps or riding on the lever-operated platform.

Once you’ve crossed, you should head straight north, jump a small gap once you reach a broken wall section, then keep heading north until you reach an area with two levers.

From up there you can already see the Forge, so all you need to do is jump down to the rocks below and head for the large archway. Go through the archway down some crumbling steps, and that’s it – you’ve reached the Adamantine Forge.

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