How to Respec (Where to Find Withers) – Baldur’s Gate 3

There are so many options to pick from when creating your character for Baldur’s Gate 3, you might wonder if you are able to respec them later on. The answer is, yes, you can! You can’t change your race and background, and the option will cost you 100 gold, but you can unlock it fairly early in the game by completing a relatively quick quest.

As a bonus, finding Withers will also unlock the ability to revive dead companions, as well as get hirelings.

Withers is in the Dank Crypt, so first things first, we’ve got to get inside it. Reaching the locations below should be fairly simple if you’ve explored any of the Ravaged Beach.

The crypt is in the ruins of a chapel, which happens to be just northeast of the Shipwreck where you begin the game. There are at least four ways to enter the Crypt, which you’ll find below. If you want to collect the maximum amount of XP and loot, make sure you fully explore both the Dank Crypt and the Refectory. The quickest way to Withers is via the Trap Door, but will require a lockpick.

For more details on getting inside the crypt and finding Withers, check out our walkthrough of the Overgrown Ruins Chapel.

Withers is found in the Dank Crypt, which you’ll enter immediately if you go through the Ancient Door or the Trap Door. If you enter via the hole in the ruins (which you must create by dropping the stone that hangs above the cracked floor), or through the door (which you’ll need to talk or lockpick your way through), it’s a bit more involved: You’ll have to go into the southernmost room of the Refectory and pull the lever behind the statue — this will open the door to your left as you leave the lever room, which in turn will lead to a door to the Dank Crypt.

Once you’re in the Dank Crypt, proceed to the northernmost room. You’ll find a statue on the low ground, and on the wall to the left of the statue is a button — pressing it will open the crypt containing Withers, but you’ll have to defeat the enemies in the room first. Because of this, it’s best to loot the corpses in the room and take their weapons before pressing the button, as they’ll come “alive” when you hit the button. Once you defeat all the enemies, you can go into the room you revealed with the button and speak to Withers.

No matter how you respond to Withers, you will find him again as soon as you make Camp (when you end the day). Assuming you’re still in Act I, he will be in the northwestern corner, by the boat near the water (you can see him on your map once you get close enough).

You can now talk to Withers with your character or any of your companions and pick the option to change your class (which will cost you 100 g). Note that you can’t change your Background, Race, or Appearance.

We highly suggest you save first Withers doesn’t seem to offer any refunds.

In the future you can also pay visit to Withers to revive a companion (200 g) or pay for the services of a hireling (100 g). Remember that you don’t need to pay Withers for reviving services if you have a Scroll of Revivify.

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