The Blade of Frontiers – Baldur’s Gate 3

In the companion quest The Blade of Frontiers in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll be helping Wyll with his personal quest and discovering a lot about his backstory. Along the way, you’ll meet Karlach. She is an origin character that can be recruited to join your party and a Zariel Tiefling who acts as the barbarian class for the group. She is one of the later characters that joins your party, but can still be found relatively early in the game.

  • Quest Type: Companion
  • Rewards: New party members Wyll and Karlach

Wyll is the “Blade of Frontiers” and you can start his companion quest by recruiting him into your group at the Emerald Grove. He’ll first be spotted aiding the Emerald Grove against an attack by a group of goblins as you approach the gate, which is located where the blue and white dots are clustered in the map below.

baldurs gate 3 wyll location emerald grove gate
You’ll first encounter Wyll at the gate of the Emerald Grove

You won’t be able to interact with him at the gate. Just make sure he doesn’t get killed in the fight.

After the battle, you can find him again inside the Emerald Grove. From the gate, walk down the hill into The Hollow and take a right at the fork in the path. You’ll see him teaching the tiefling kids some combat basics. Ask him to join your group, then chat with him; he will give you some exposition about his quest to find a devil named Karlach. You can then invite him to join you, and he will become available as a companion.

Whether or not you explicitly agree to help Wyll in his quest, Karlach’s location will be marked on your map as soon as he joins you. The quest marker has a large circle around it to indicate the search radius, but you will actually find Karlach just outside of this area, as indicated in the map below.

baldurs gate 3 where is karlach location on the map
Karlach is actually outside the quest’s search bubble

If you look at the map, it will show a marker to the west of the Emerald Grove. Make sure that Wyll is in your party and head towards the marker. When you reach the river, there is an area with a rock (1) that you can jump across (2), otherwise you’ll have to go way down river to the bridge (which you’ll also have to jump across).

After crossing, head along the river’s edge to the right and you will find Karlach. Navigating the conversation isn’t too difficult between Karlach and Wyll, just choose the obvious diplomatic options. After the conversation, she will wait for you back at camp, where you can swap her into your party. In continuing the quest, speak with Wyll. He’ll ominously tell you that something will happen soon, since he let Karlach off the hook.

Next time you do a long rest at camp, Wyll will have a visitor, Mizora. She is a devil and the source of all Wyll’s powers. She will be displeased that Karlach was let off the hook and turn Wyll into a devil himself. After the altercation, Mizora will flee and the quest will simply state for you to continue questing with Wyll.

baldurs gate 3 blade of frontiers mizora
If you flirt with Mizora during this scene, your companions won’t like it

This guide is a work in progress, updates will be coming shortly.

Wyll is pretty awesome and has some really great dialogue. Are you using Wyll in your play through? Let us know in a comment!

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