Mountain Pass – Baldur’s Gate 3

Now that you’ve made it through the first map of Baldur’s Gate 3 (and perhaps a few others), you’ll find yourself at a crossroads through a mountain pass. But where to go? This guide will help you decide, as well as find all the little secrets hidden along the trail.


baldurs gate 3 mountain pass map 3

Points of Interest
1 – Death Wardens
2 – Lady Esther
3 – Cable Car
4 – Side Path
5 – Blue Jay
6 – Altar

A – Risen Road
B – Mountain Pass
C – Shadow-Cursed Lands
D – Rosymorn Monastery

W – Trielta Crags

1 – Death Wardens

  • Enemies
    • 2x Death Shepherd – Lv. 6
    • 5x Ghouls – Lv. 3
    • Ghast – Lv. 5

While you can bypass the Death Wardens and their ghouls (and a ghast) to reach the Rosymorn Monastery and Creché Y’llek, you will need to get past them in order to reach the Shadow-Cursed Land and progress the main story. 

These 2 Death Wardens and their undead army are quite formidable opponents, but with good positioning you can manage them. Be wary of the Repulsion Mines on the walk up from the right side, which require a Passive Perception check to notice and a DC-10 Sleight of Hand check to disarm – they can really ruin your positioning if you run into one, and bad positioning in this fight will lead to you being swarmed.

After the fight, there are several dead bodies of Githyanki nearby. Using Speak with Dead on them can reveal some interesting information about the nearby Monastery and Crèche.

2 – Lady Esther

  • Enemies
    • Lady Esther – Lv. 5
  • Notable Loot
    • Cacophony
    • The Graceful Cloth
    • Gloves of Cinder and Sizzle

Overlooking the Rosymorn Monastery, you will be able to find Society of Brilliance member Lady Esther. She will have an unusual (and perhaps unethical) request for you: she wants you to obtain a Githyanki egg from the creché hidden within the Monastery, which she wants to use in order to prove that Gith cannot be raised to be good, and are inherently evil.

baldurs gate 3 mountain pass lady esther

If you take her up on her offer, you will be able to obtain the egg from the githyanki creché (likley to less-than-savory results), or you can offer to give her an owlbear egg in its place with a successful DC-21 Deception, Nature, or Persuasion check.

Another option, should you take offense to her methods or reasoning (as Lae’zel will think you should), then you can also opt to fight her. This is a surprisingly smart thing to do, as she drops some extremely good loot (most of which can also be purchased from her).

3 – Cable Car

The primary way to get to the Rosymorn Monastery is via the cable car that goes along the cliffside. However, it has been out of use for a long time, and will have to be pried with a DC-15 Strength check to repair it and use it. If you are unable to repair the Cable Car (or just want to speak to a put-out Blue Jay (#5)), you can also take the more treacherous Side Path (#4).

4 – Side Path

The Side Path to the Rosymorn Monastery takes longer to traverse and has a series of 3 Repulsion Mines strategically placed to knock you off the cliffs and to your death, requiring careful maneuvering. However, taking this route will bring you near the Blue Jay (#5), who might know a secret, should you be able to help him out.

5 – Blue Jay

By casting Speak with Animals, you will be able to talk with a somewhat-friendly Blue Jay who has taken up residence in a nest which is not his own near the Rosymorn Monastery (5a). As he will tell you, this is because a group of Giant Eagles have taken the nest that used to be his, atop the Monastery. He will ask you to kill them so he can reclaim the nest, so long as you don’t scare him off first.

baldurs gate 3 mountain pass blue jay

If you help him reclaim the nest once you get to the Rosymorn Monastery, then he will reveal a very well-hidden buried treasure (5b), which otherwise requires an extremely difficult Passive Perception check and contains some valuable loot.

6 – Altar

There isn’t much to see here, but this Altar is worth noting just because it has one of the funnier notes in the game. There are also some loose offerings of low value.

ARisen Road

One of those two most common ways to enter the area, you can use this path to get back to the Risen Road if you came in through the Goblin Camp path (B).

BGoblin Camp

A good back way into the Goblin Camp if you came in through the Risen Road path (A), this path to the Goblin Camp allows you to bypass the checkpoints into the Camp itself.

CShadow-Cursed Lands

While you’ll have to get through the Death Wardens (#1) to get here, this path is the only one in the area that will directly lead forward in the main story. If you want to make sure you see everything, you should go here after checking out the Rosymorn Monastery (D) and Creché Y’llek beyond it.

DRosymorn Monastery

The Rosymorn Monastery is home to a legendary mace, a Githyanki Creché, and several notable events and interactions, and should probably be your next stop after coming into the Mountain Pass even though nothing in Rosymorn is necessary to progress the main story of the game.

W – Waypoints

There is one Waypoint in the Mountain Pass: Trielta Crags.

The Mountain Pass is a pathway toward several other locations, and as well as back the way you came.

  • Rosymorn Monastery: While not essential, there is enough stuff to do and useful loot in the Rosymorn Monastery to make it worthwhile to go to.
  • Shadow-Cursed Lands: The path “forward” toward the city of Baldur’s Gate, you will need to go through the Shadow-Cursed Lands eventually after passing through the Mountain Pass.
  • Goblin Camp: Back the way you came, this path has some use as a back way into the Goblin Camp and its Shattered Sanctum.
  • Risen Road: If you happened to miss some quests along the Risen Road, this is a quick way back, if nothing else.

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