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Hirelings are generic companions that can be hired to aid in your adventure through Baldur’s Gate 3. In this guide, we’ll go over how to hire these followers and when it might be prudent.

Actually, hirelings are available very early on in the game. You will need to have found Withers in the chapel’s crypt that you can access from the starting beach. After you have braved that area, he will be at your camp. After talking with him, you’ll learn that he provides three services: reviving dead companions, respeccing characters (resetting their level), and providing hirelings (starting at level 3) . These services aren’t free, however, be sure to bring some coin. Each Hireling you employ will cost 100 gold.

baldurs gate 3 hirelings withers in camp
Withers is by the canoe in camp

There are all kinds of hirelings to fill any gap in your current party composition. When you talk to Withers, you’ll be able to choose from a list of twelve different premade characters. On the list, you’ll find a smorgasbord of different races and classes in which to select. Also, you can read their short backstories, but don’t expect much (or anything really) for in-game dialogue.

Eldra Luthrinn, slayer of people, monsters, and cups of sweet pear tea, was shown a watery grave when hunting Absolutionists in the valleys of the Chionthar.

Class: Barbarian

Brinna Brightsong’s bawdy crooning was silenced by an Absolute bloodbutcher after a controversial performance in a Triel tavern.

Class: Bard

Zenith, once an optimistic Evereskan Graycloak, journeyed to Faerun in search of a new sunrise. An Absolute warband proved his dour father right: Zenith was doomed!

Class: Cleric

Danton was a refined druid and rearer of peacocks – until he thought transforming into one would help him escape Absolutist marauders. He was wrong.

Class: Druid

Once a battle-worn veteran fighting for the Absolute, Varanna learnt that loyalty to the would-be god did not protect you from the murderous whims of jealous generals.

Class: Fighter

Sina’zith’s monastic preferences marked her a misfit among her kin – as did the illithid tadpole an Absolutist forced in her mind. For this, the githyanki slew her as an aberration.

Class: Monk

Kerz lived many years as a paladin and mercenary, years which took a hard toll on them. Befriending a group of pleasant ogres, they laid down their weapon and taught a rudimentary etiquette class, before the ogres were attacked one night, and Kerz once more took up their steel.

Class: Paladin

Ver’yll spent his twilights scribbling odes to leafy canopies, bushels, and the merits of the noble hedgehog. When he refused to join the Absolute, its forces tore his forest and body apart.

Class: Ranger

Maddala’s blindness was cured by another True Soul passing through her village – so they could watch it being burnt to the ground around them. Such was the price of refusing the Absolute.

Class: Rogue

Jacelyn was born a sorcerer, the seventh son of a seventh son. The agent of the Absolute that killed him knew this, and is rumored to have remarked, ‘Probably should’ve left it at six.’

Class: Sorcerer

Kree’s penchant for killing folk with a mere whisper was prized in the Absolute’s ranks, but the utter devotion to her patron was met with lethal disapproval.

Class: Warlock

Sir Fuzzalump was much mocked amongst his playful kind for his dour demeanour and single-minded devotion to the magical investigation of cave moss. He claims not to have giggled in over a decade, and has never frolicked.

Class: Wizard

baldurs gate 3 hireling guide list of companions
You can’t create your own hireling, but you have a lot of options

This resource of employing hirelings really comes in handy when a certain class is absent from your current companion options. There can be a lot of reasons for this, maybe you missed an opportunity to recruit an ally, or perhaps a companion met an unfortunate death. Regardless, hirelings are available to fill those roles, allowing players in these situations to press forward without gameplay disadvantages.

Additionally, players can use hirelings as a way to map out builds for when they want to respec. This is a nice option if you’re not sure if you want to mess with your current build. The way to do this is by choosing a hireling that’s the class you want to spec into, and going through the level up process. Hirelings will automatically be at the same level as the main character, so you can plan those builds only to your current level.

Have you been using hirelings? Do you prefer them to the normal origin characters? Leave a comment and let us know!

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6 months ago

The best Hirelings depend on your playstyle and the class you’re playing as, but these are some of the best Hirelings:

  1. Brinna Brightsong: A bard who is great at supporting the party in combat.
  2. Zenith Feur’Sel: A cleric who can heal and buff your party.
  3. Danton: A druid who can summon animals and cast spells.
  4. Eldra Luthrinn: A barbarian who is great at dealing damage and tanking.
  5. Maddala Deadeye: A rogue who is great at dealing damage and sneaking around.

There’s also Ver’yll Wenkiir (ranger), Varanna Sunblossom (fighter), Sina’Zith (monk), etc depending on your class and playstyle