Where to Buy Spells – Baldur’s Gate 3

In Balder’s Gate 3, you are able to find Spells in Scroll form. These Scrolls are very useful, allowing to holder to use its corresponding Spell once — this means that anyone can temporarily have access to magic if they’re holding on to these, giving you more flexibility with Spells like Revivify and Fly. These scrolls are even more useful if you’re a Wizard, however, because they can learn the Spell permanently by transcribing its Scroll to their Spellbook.

There are a couple of ways to obtain Scrolls, namely through looting things such as corpses and chests, or by purchasing them from merchants. This guide will focus on the latter, telling you where you can buy Spells from.

Scrolls can be purchased from the many merchants throughout the game. Due to the random nature of their inventory, however, there is no guarantee that they will have the Scroll for the Spell you’re looking for. Vendors will reset their inventory every time you level up or completing a Long Rest, meaning that if you’re near a merchant when either of these happen, it’s worth taking a quick trip to see their new inventory.

baldur's gate 3 learning a spell
Learning a Spell will cost you gold

A few useful Scrolls to look out for are the Scroll of Revivify, Scroll of Feather Fall, and Scroll of Detect Thoughts. If you are a Wizard (or have a Wizard like Gale in your party), you can keep an eye out for Scrolls of Spells you haven’t learned yet, so you can expand your Spellbook.

Early in the game you’ll find two merchants in the Emerald Grove, Arron and Dammon. Once you reach the Underdark you can find Blurg in the Myconid Colony.

In Act 2 you’ll have access to merchants in Moonrise Towers and the Last Light Inn. Keep in mind that the Last Light Inn quartermaster is only available if the inn remains protected.

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9 months ago

Titled “Where to biy spells”, and the entire article mentions only 2 vendors. Pathetic clickbait title and lazy article.

Reply to  Truthteller
9 months ago

Thank you for the feedback, very fair. This article was created soon after the game came out, and we are still in the process of updating guides that were created immediately post-launch. We’ll work on getting the guide updated ASAP.