How to Turn Off Repelling Blast – Baldur’s Gate 3

When picking their Eldritch Invocations (as early as level 2), Warlocks in Baldur’s Gate 3 can choose the Repelling Blast feature that lets their Eldritch Blasts push targets away. And considering that most Warlocks will be using Eldritch Blast as their main attack throughout the game, a feature that makes it better is quite attractive. This guide will tell you how to toggle Repelling Blast on or off at will.

Making sure enemies can’t reach your casters is nice, but what if you don’t want to push your target away? Maybe this will put it out of range of your melee warriors or throw it into a chasm, preventing you from getting a sweet piece of loot. In that case, you can simply turn the Repelling Blast feature off without expending any resources like Spell Slots or Actions.

Turning Repelling Blast Off and On Again

If you want to turn Repelling Blast off (or turn it back on to continue pushing enemies away afterwards), all you have to do is navigate to the Passives tab (1) on your Hotbar, find the Repelling Blast icon (2) (red lightning bolts with two arrows) and click it.

If the icon is being circled by a white outline (1), that means the feature is on. No outline – no Repelling Blasts (2).

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