Save Arabella – Baldur’s Gate 3

Arabella has been imprisoned by the druids. Can you rescue her before she becomes snake food?


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Points of Interest
1 – Confrontation
2 – Komira and Locke
3 – Inner Sanctum

The first time you approach the Sacred Pool in the Emerald Grove, you’ll witness a confrontation between druids and tieflings (#1). Once it has broken up, the tieflings Komira and Locke will move to a spot nearby (#2). When you talk to them there, you’ll learn that their daughter Arabella is being held by the druids because she attempted to steal the Idol of Sylvanus, which the druids need for their Rite of Thorns. If you offer to help, then you’ll trigger this quest. You can also trigger the quest by meeting Arabella.

“She was caught? Foolish child — let them judge her.” — Lae’zel

When you enter the druids’ Inner Sanctum (#3), you’ll almost immediately stumble into an argument between Kagha and Rath about what to do with Arabella. Kagha, the acting leader of the druids, will take a hard line approach, and she’ll order her snake companion Teela to keep a close eye on Arabella. Meanwhile, Rath will recommend leniency.

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What could go wrong here?

Eventually, you’ll enter the conversation, and what you say will determine Arabella’s fate:

  • If you pass a DC-13 Intelligence check, then you’ll read Kagha’s mind, and you’ll see that she wants to prove her authority. This will allow you to suggest that she also prove her mercy, which will convince her to let Arabella go.
  • If you’re a Druid with Speak with Animals active, then you’ll be able to convince Teela that Arabella should go free, and Teela will convince Kagha.
  • Passing a DC-12 check for Nature (Druid Advantage; Tiefling Disadvantage), a DC-12 check for Persuasion (Druid, Monk Advantage; Bard, Tiefling Disadvantage), or possibly a DC-10 check for Intimidation (Barbarian Advantage) will also get the job done.
  • If you fail in your first attempt to convince Kagha, then you’ll get a second chance. If you beat a passive DC-5 Nature check, then you’ll sense that Teela is poised to strike. If you relay this information to Kagha, then she’ll let Arabella go. Otherwise you’ll need to pass a DC-10 check for Intimidation or Persuasion (Advantage for everyone other than Tieflings, who have Disadvantage) to convince Kagha.

If you manage to sway Kagha, then she’ll release Arabella, who will then flee from the Inner Sanctum and return to her parents. But if you fail in your arguments, or if you remain silent, then Teela will bite Arabella and kill her. You can also fight the druids, but Arabella will die this way as well, and your actions will cause the druids to attack the tieflings outside, making this option a poor solution for everyone.

When you return to Komira and Locke (#2), if you saved Arabella then they’ll be thrilled with your help, and they’ll give you Komira’s Locket. Otherwise, they’ll be anguished by your news, and you won’t get anything. If Arabella survives, then you’ll meet her again later in the game.

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