How to Get the Sorrow Glaive Early – Baldur’s Gate 3

One of the nice things about massive games with plenty of player options like Baldur’s Gate 3 is that you can find good gear very early on. The Sorrow glaive is one of those weapons you can get within the opening section of the game. It is actually a reward for a later quest – Save the First Druid – but the game leaves some clues on how to snatch it up sooner.

The glaive can be found in the Hidden Vault, which is inside the Emerald Grove. After starting out on the beach, you’ll work your ways northwards, where you’ll find the entrance to the grove under attack. After defeating the raiding party, you can go straight to the grove. There will be some dialogue and quests, but eventually you’ll make it to a stone door that goes deeper into the Emerald Grove(1). From there, you will have to chat with Nettie, who will open the chamber with the hidden entrance to the vault(2).

If you look on the altar by the dead drow (1), you’ll find a letter suggesting that Rath has a rune that allows entrance to the Hidden Vault (2). You probably see where we’re going with this, you will have to go and steal the rune from Rath to enter the vault. He is sitting in a chair by the entrance to the Emerald grove.

There is a stone slab behind him that provides good cover while hiding. Choose your best rogue and split them from the party, then wait behind the slab for a good moment to pickpocket Rath. If you want to guarantee success, make a save here, so you can retry upon failure.

baldurs gate 3 getting sorrow early hiding behind stone
Patience is a thief’s best friend

It can be difficult because there is a wolf that moves around the room sporadically, and two guards that sit at a table close by. However, if you wait long enough, they will disperse and leave an opening. You can pickpocket a character by pressing button xbox x v2 or icon mouse right click v2, then selecting ‘pickpocket’. After you have the rune, head back to the chamber where you found the letter.

baldurs gate 3 getting sorrow early pickpocketing
Probably not worth relieving him of his other belongings

Inside the chamber there will be an altar where you can place the acquired rune(1). Next, select each of the runes surrounding the wolf statue to illuminate them, and a secret set of stairs will appear. When you go down the stairs, you’ll see a small area with the Sorrow glaive sitting on a stone slab in front of a wolf statue (2).

Did you find any other awesome weapons earlier than you were supposed to? We would love to hear how in a comment!

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