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Using cheats can make a game more fun and manageable, and other times, cheats can be helpful when you need to deal with a glitch in the game. Since Baldur’s Gate 3 is such a massive game with endless possibilities (and potential errors), there’s a chance you fall into one of these camps. If you don’t, then maybe you’re just curious how cheating is possible in Baldur’s Gate 3. If any of these are the case, then let’s look at how you can install Cheat Engine and use it to cheat in Baldur’s Gate 3 while playing on PC.

Cheat Engine is an application that you can use to cheat in games. Beware that you will not want to use it (or even have it running) while playing multiplayer games with anti-cheat, as you could find yourself banned. You can download it safely from its official website, then open the file you downloaded to install it. However, your system’s antivirus might deny letting you install the program. If you want to continue, you will have to turn off your antivirus for the installation.

cheat engine guide error openeing cheat engine

While installing it, you will come to a screen that says ‘OPTIONAL OFFER’. It is important to click ‘Skip All’ at this point to avoid some adware that will be installed.

cheat engine guide baldurs gate 3 skipping bloatware

Regardless of how many people say it’s safe to download online, we recommend scanning for malware after the installer finishes, just for peace of mind. The free antivirus software, Malwarebytes is solid if you don’t already have a scanning program. After scanning, we found an adware that was flagged in the system and deleted it (Cheat Engine will work after deleting the adware).

cheat engine guide baldurs gate 3 deleting adware

After you have downloaded and installed Cheat Engine, you will need the ‘cheat table’ for Baldur’s Gate 3; you can download it here (all credit for the awesome table goes to Zanzer).

It is possible to use Cheat Engine without tables, but for games like Baldur’s Gate 3, you will want the ‘cheat table’. After you click on the ‘BG3’ file you downloaded (it has the file extension .CT for ‘cheat table’), Cheat Engine will open with the cheat table at the bottom.

cheat engine guide cheat table view

Alternatively, you can click on the icon of the yellow folder with the green arrow on the top left of your screen and navigate to where you have saved the table.

Now it’s the simple task of launching Baldur’s Gate 3 and syncing the game to Cheat Engine. You will notice, at the top of the Cheat Engine page, it says ‘No Process Selected’. That means you need to link Cheat Engine to (the process) Baldur’s Gate 3 by clicking on the magnifying glass in the top left of the window (it is highlighted with a red box).

cheat engine guide baldurs gate 3 selecting bg process

After selecting Baldur’s Gate 3, it will ask you if you want to keep the current address list, just click ‘Yes’. Now you’re ready to start cheating! The table lets you do a variety of different cheats, to help with many scenarios. Let’s say you want to fly through the game at max level, or maybe you want to spawn in a certain item that never populated, or perhaps you just didn’t mean to offend a companion but don’t want to reload a save. You can do or fix it all!

A fun cheat for several reasons is maxing out your character’s level. You can do things like solo the entire beginning, or map out the perfect build, to name a few ideas. This will also be a good example on using the program because it will give you the basic understanding of how to navigate the cheat table, and how to even alter it to suit your needs. First select these boxes: Console Commands ⇾ Register Commands ⇾ On Demand Cheats ⇾ Add 100 Experience. Whichever character you have currently selected in the game will receive 100 experience points.

cheat engine guide baldurs gate 3 maxing character level

Now, you might not want to sit there and click and re-click the box over and over to level up to max level. In this case, right click on ‘Add 100 Experience’, then click on ‘Change Script’ (image 1 below). (Alternatively, just double-click on the ‘<script>’). This will bring up the script, which you can modify. Look down the list for the line that says ‘WriteInteger’, then change the 100 to 100000. This will change the amount of experience you receive when you click the box by”¦a lot (image 2). After clicking it one time, your character will be max level.

This process is a little more complicated, but if there are certain items you want on your character, then it’s totally worth it. In order to add the list of items to the current cheat table you downloaded, you will have to merge it with another table (or several tables for different types of items). You can find these tables here, just scroll down to the attachments and download the .CT file (s) you want.

cheat engine guide baldurs gate 3 attachment downloads for spawner

The author of the cheat table has a guide for using it in the link, but we will summarize it here. We’ll just use the BG3_items_spells.CT for our example. Download it, then go back to Cheat Engine while the original cheat table is open for Baldur’s Gate 3. Click on the folder in the top left (1), select the new item.CT file and open it, then click ‘yes’ when prompted to merge it with the current table (2).

Now you can use the item spawner by checking the boxes for ‘Console Commands ⇾ Register Commands ⇾ Item Spawner’. You’ll see a list that correlates with the files you downloaded; checking a box for a certain item will spawn it into your game!

Since we’re done with the trickier examples, let’s show you an easier one, like how to use the cheat table to gain companion approval. We’ve all been there, you accidentally said something to an NPC and your companion didn’t like it. Well, you can change that!

To start, first check the boxes on the table in this order, ‘Console Commands -> Register Commands -> Companion Cheats’ (1). Then you will have to switch to your main character in game, and go back to Cheat Engine and select prompt 1, then switch to the companion and check prompt 2. After that’s done, you can click the add ‘Attitude’ or ‘Approval’ boxes to adjust their feelings toward you.

cheat engine guide baldurs gate 3 changing approval

There are ample ways that cheats can be used in Baldur’s Gate 3, and these few examples barely scratched the surface. Did you find any helpful cheats that solved a problem you were having? Did any cheats you use break the game? Tell us about it in the comments!

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