How to Get the Mourning Frost Quarterstaff – Baldur’s Gate 3

During your journey through the Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3, you might stumble upon things like the Icy Crystal, Icy Metal, and Icy Helve. Their descriptions suggest that they all used to be a part of something bigger. This guide will help you find these items and restore them to their former glory as the Mourning Frost quarterstaff. This powerful staff deals extra Cold damage, improves your Cold spells, and grants the Ray of Frost cantrip.

The natural way to find the parts of Mourning Frost is to follow the quest to locate the Adamantine Forge, as the Drow holding the components you need – Filro the Forgotten, Xargrim, and Dhourn – are all part of that quest.

bg3 mourning frost parts map 1

If you just want the staff, you can head to the Underdark and quickly visit the three Drow in question:

  • Xargrim is dead inside the Myconid Colony and is initially known as the Pale Corpse. You can reach him by either helping the Myconid Sovereign with his Duergar problem, or by passing a perception check to notice the Guardian Gate (1) and then burning it down or cutting through it. The Myconids don’t seem to care about you forcing your way inside. On his body you find a piece of Icy Metal (2).
  • Filro the Forgotten is on the ledge right next to the Underdark – Sussur Tree Waypoint. He’s quite mad and will attack you on sight together with his pet Hook Horror. After dispatching the two, you can loot the Icy Crystal from Filro (3).
  • Dhourn is initially petrified by a Spectator just outside the Selûnite Outpost. Once you deal with that encounter, you’ll be able to grab the Icy Helve (4) from Dhourn’s body.

Once you have all three items in your possession (1), all you need to do is combine them:

  • Simply right-click on any of the Icy items, then click Combine (2).
  • In the window that pops up, place the remaining two Icy items in the empty slots (3) and click Combine there (4).
  • That’s it. You now have the Mourning Frost staff (5).

Mourning Frost is a quarterstaff with the following properties:

  • Weapon Enchantment +1
  • Extra 1d4 Cold damage
  • Heart of Ice
  • Insidious Cold
  • Ray of Frost Evocation Cantrip
bg 3 mourning frost view

The extra cold damage is useful for characters like Monks and Druids who actually use staffs to hit things. Together with the Heart of Ice feature that adds 1 Cold damage every time the staff’s wielder deals Cold damage, this bonus actually becomes 1d4+1, which is not too shabby.

The Chilled debuff applied by the Insidious Cold feature makes targets vulnerable to Cold but resistant to Fire, while the Ray of Frost cantrip gives you a handy ranged attack you can use at will to apply this debuff.

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