Safe to Sell Items – Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, there are a wide variety of items that you can pick up, with most of them having some kind of use. With so many items to pick up, your inventory can fill up quickly, but it could be hard knowing what’s worth keeping and what isn’t. In this guide, we will go over what items are safe to sell, so that you can have a bit of an easier time managing your inventory.

Knowing just what types of items you have will help you determine if you want to get rid of it or not. To see what type of item it is, first mouse over it to see the full description, and there will be a couple of spots to look for. For consumable items, such as Thieves’ Tools or a Potion of Healing, you will see the text ‘Action’, ‘Bonus Action’, and/or ‘Single Use’ at the very bottom of the description. Most forms of equipment, such as the Chain Shirt or Warhammer, will have several stats on them, such as damage, armor, and any special effects.

Items can come in different rarities as well. Anything higher than Common quality, will have a different colored background on the item (like green for Uncommon), and the rarity will show right under the item’s name. Finally, essential items cannot be added to wares, so if you see that option missing, you know it’s an essential item. Below, you can see an uncommon consumable, the Potion of Speed, and a essential item, the Keychain.

Note that items that don’t appear to have specific quest associations can also be marked orange, so it seems to be the case that orange is more broadly a designation for items that cannot be sold.

Selling items one by one can be a pain, so it’s good to remember to use the “Add to Wares” option for items you want to get rid of. There are a few ways to do it:

  • Right click an item in the environment, then select ‘Pick Up and Add to Wares’.
  • Right click an item in your inventory and select ‘Add to Wares’.

There is also a trick to send multiple items to your wares at once — you can control click to select items one at a time, or hold shift to highlight multiple items at once. Then right click and select ‘Add to Wares’. This will move all of the selected items to your wares at once.

Once you’re ready to sell, simply go to any vendor, and on the Trade menu, you can click on the ‘Sell Wares’ option! Doing so will sell everything you’ve marked as wares all at once.

Now that you know how to sell items, and how to tell what type of item you’re looking at, here are the items that are safe to sell:

There are plenty of junk items you’ll find throughout your playthrough, things like a Plate and Cup. These items don’t serve any purpose, so they’re always an easy pick to clear up your inventory and make a little extra money. These are identifiable by their lack of stats, effects, and their brown background.

junk item example keychain baldurs gate 3

Another type of item that can be sold is equipment that is not an upgrade for any of your characters. To check, simply compare the stats to the piece of equipment your characters currently have. If the Shortsword you find isn’t as useful as your current Rapier, you can safely sell it, as these pieces have no other purpose.

baldur's gate 3 equipment comparison

Additionally, if there is a consumable item that you find yourself never using (such as an Oil of Diminution or Drow Poison), this could be a good choice to free up some space. If you end up changing your mind and wanting to use it after all, you can always find more later.

Some items are best kept in your inventory rather than being sold for gold. You should avoid selling the following items:

  • Essential Items
  • Unique
  • Artifact

Essential items are, of course, essential items you need to progress through the story. They will have an orange background, and you can’t actually sell them — but it’s important to know you shouldn’t get rid of them! These could include things like a Bandit’s Key, or Shadowheart’s Mysterious Artefact. Unique and Artifact items, on the other hand, are very rare items, and are worth holding on to. Some examples of these are Rusty Necklace and the Idol of Silvanus.

Additionally, consumables such as Potions of Healing and Revivify Scrolls are always helpful in combat, so unless you’re just a few gold short of something you really want, it’s best to hold onto them.

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