Moving the Bookcase in the Blighted Village Cellar – Baldur’s Gate 3

There is a bookcase in the Blighted Village in Baldur’s Gate 3 that can move, but only if you find the hidden lever nearby. Not only will opening it satiate your curiosity, but it will also lead you to a quest where you’ll find the Whispering Depths, and through there, one of the ways to the Underdark.

The cellar can be found in a larger building on the southern side of the village (1). When you enter it, there will be alchemical ingredients all over, but more importantly, you’ll spot a hatch behind the counter (2). This will lead to the cellar. If you don’t have a character who can cast Mage Hand, Quicksave before you enter the cellar.

Inside the cellar, there’s quite a bit of loot to grab, but the real rewards are through a secret passage behind the bookcase. When your player walks towards it, they might pass a perception check and spot a lever behind some boxes nearby. If none of your characters pass the perception check, reload your quicksave and try again, which should allow you to get a retry on the check — easier still is repeatedly casting Mage Hand.

Eventually, you should pass the check. Activating the lever will slide the bookcase open, revealing the passage. We won’t spoil what you find, but be ready for a fight!

baldurs gate 3 moving the bookcase guide cellar lever 1
You’ll want to move the boxes concealing the lever

These secrets always seem so obvious — after you’ve found them. Have you walked by any secrets in Baldur’s Gate 3? Tell us about it in the comment!

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