Last Light Inn – Baldur’s Gate 3

The Shadow-Cursed Lands are all but totally corrupted. Except for one place: the Last Light Inn. This walkthrough will guide you through what to do in this sanctuary, helping you to complete a few quests, get ready to recruit a new companion, and — perhaps — end the shadow curse.

baldurs gate 3 last light inn

Points of Interest
1 – Entering Last Light Inn
2 – Quartermaster Talli
3 – Jaheira
4 – Raphael
5 – Alfira
6 – Flaming Fists
7 – Isobel
8 – Dammon
9 – Strange Ox
10 – Trapped Bridge
11 – Art Cullagh
12 – Shadowfell Portal

A – Shadow-Cursed Lands

W – Last Light Inn

1 – Entering Last Light Inn

While you can arrive in Last Light Inn via the lower crossing (A2) or through the basement (A3), the main road will be how the majority of players enter. It is here where you will first encounter Jaheira, a potential future companion and the current leader of the Harpers in the Shadow-Cursed Lands. She will come to investigate the party to see if they are harboring tadpoles, and must be convinced to let the party in once she realizes that you do. However, so long as you don’t act with hostility, she will eventually relent, letting you explore the Inn in peace.

2 – Quartermaster Talli

Quartermaster Talli is a merchant, and one of the best merchants for Dyes in the entire game. If it is time for a change of palette, she is the best person to visit.

3 – Jaheira

Jaheira is the head of the Harpers at the Last Light Inn, as well as the organizer of the surviving Tiefling refugees from Act 1 and whoever else you might rescue during Act 2. Suffice to say, she’s quite busy (too busy to join your party until that is taken care of, in fact). 

badlurs gate 3 last light inn minthara

When you first speak to her, she will tell you to speak to Isobel upstairs (#7), which will initiate its own chain of events. She and her forces will also be prepared to attack Moonrise Towers if you complete the Gauntlet of Shar and free the Nightsong, allowing for the most allies you can possibly have against Ketheric Thorm.

She is able to report to you about the general state of the Last Light Inn and its denizens, and can give vague guidance about taking on Ketheric, but is surprisingly static until the battle with Ketheric.

4 – Raphael

Raphael, the demon who has been trying to tempt you with an offer since Act 1, will be present at the Last Light Inn. He might be here, but he isn’t here for you, and so will not have much to say to you if you talk to him, and attacking him here only results in him teleporting away before you can kill him. His presence does set up a reappearance in Reithwin Town, outside of the Gauntlet of Shar, though.

5 – Alfira

If Alfira survived Act 1 (Dark Urges beware), the bard can be found again here, lamenting the loss of her friends, most especially Lakrissa, who has been imprisoned in Moonrise Towers. Alfira will have much to say, having grown sadder since leaving the Emerald Grove in Act 1.

badlurs gate 3 last light inn alfira

Should you rescue Lakrissa, then the two best friends will reuinite with a heartwarming scene, and you might be able to sense the spark of something more…

6 – Flaming Fists and Art Cullagh

One of the rooms of the Last Light Inn has been dedicated to the Flaming Fists, who you might recognize from Waukeen’s Rest along the Risen Road in Act 1. They still have yet to locate Duke Ravengaurd, but worse, one of their number has fallen into a kind of coma, and has been mumbling the name “Thaniel”. You will need to wake him (or, if he happens to die, cast Speak with Dead on him, skipping the next part of the quest).

In order to wake him, you’ll need to acquire his lute from Malus Thorm in Reithwin Town’s House of Healing. Once you kill the wicked doctor and acquire the lute, then playing it for Art Cullagh will awaken him. He will want to speak to Halsin, which will result in Halsin learning how to cure the Shadow Curse from the land, requiring a trip (for him alone) through a Shadowfell Portal (#12).

7 – Isobel

Jaheira will encourage you to speak to Isobel after you arrive at Last Light Inn. The Cleric of Selûne will be waiting for you, and can grant you Selûne’s blessing so that you can traverse through the Shadow Curse of the Shadow-Cursed Lands (though the blessing is still too weak for the denser curse around Reithwin Town).

After talking with her some, however, the Last Light Inn will be attacked by a corrupted Flaming Fist – Marcus – who will also summon Ghouls to try and kidnap Isobel and take her to Moonrise Towers. You can choose to side with her or with Marcus here, becoming hostile to the opposing party instantly. If Isobel is brought to 0 health during this combat, she will be taken away, and the warding keeping Last Light Inn safe will fail.

If you rescue the Nightsong later down the line, she will also be found here, with Isobel, reunited. If the Nightsong is killed at any point, Isobel will become weak and unable to sustain the warding. And, finally, if both Isobel and the Nightsong survive to the end of the Act, they will join you as camp followers, reunited in their love and safe at last.

8 – Dammon

Dammon can be found near the Last Light Inn’s stables. In addition to selling good quality gear as a merchant, Dammon can also be spoken to here in order to provide him with Infernal Iron that you might’ve acquired in order to fix Karlach’s heart. Any extra pieces of Infernal Iron or Infernal Alloy that you find can be used at this point to get Dammon to craft the three pieces (Armour, Gloves, and Helmet) of the Flawed Helldusk set of armour.

9 – Strange Ox

You may or may not have cast Speak with Animals in order to speak to the Strange Ox when it was at the Emerald Grove in Act 1, but if you didn’t, now is your chance. By passing a DC-14 Persuassion, Perception, or Nature check in speaking to the Ox, you can determine that it is not what it seems to be, and the Ox will give you a telepathic vision of carnage.

badlurs gate 3 last light inn strange ox

At this point, if you question the Ox too much, it will eventually grow upset and attack you in its true form – Ochre Jelly! Eliminating the Jelly will reveal the Shapeshifter’s Boon Ring, revealing how it was able to accomplish its ruse. If you back off and don’t question the Ox too much, you can leave the conversation amicably. Moo.

10 – Trapped Bridge

The bridge leading to the graveyard next to the Last Light Inn has been trapped to ward off the undead. These 3 visible Blast Traps requires a DC-10 Sleight of Hand check to disarm, and there is no harm in doing so. It seems that the Harpers might be a bit over-prepared, at least in that way.

11 -Dead Flaming Fist

Hidden underneath some rubble and requiring a very hard Passive Perception check, you can find the dead body of a Flaming Fist. On the body, you will be able to find the very powerful Shield of Scorching Reprisal.

After awakening Art Cullagh (#6) and bringing Halsin to speak with him, Halsin will realize what is causing the Shadow Curse, and endeavor to fix it. He will move from Art’s bedside to this location on the beach, where he will attempt to open a portal to the Shadowfell in order to rescue a spirit of the land.

badlurs gate 3 last light inn shadow portal

However, the Shadow Curse is powerful, and will retaliate. After a short dialogue where Halsin will insist on entering the Shadowfell alone, he will open a portal and enter. Once he does, the portal will come under siege from one of the most challenging onslaughts that Baldur’s Gate 3 has to offer. A near-endless wave of Shadows and Shadow-Cursed Creatures will assault the portal, attempting to destroy it (which would cause Halsin to be lost forever). You need to hold out for 5 rounds, until Halsin returns, without letting the creatures destroy the portal.

For this, positioning is everything. It should be noted that many of the creatures spawn close enough to the water that spells like Thunderwave can knock them in, but in general, you should be focused on eliminating high-damage creatures and tanking the damage in front of the portal to prevent it from being destroyed. After 5 rounds, Halsin will return and dispel the Shadow creatures. He will be carrying Thaniel, and it will take only a small bit of investigation to reveal that he is the other half to Oliver, who you might’ve already met in the Shadow-Cursed Lands. You can visit him after finding Thaniel to progress the questline.

AShadow-Cursed Lands

All exits from the Last Light Inn connect back to the Shadow-Cursed Lands.

  • A1: The main bridge into town, walking across this bridge for the first time will trigger the Entrance cutscene (#1)
  • A2: There is a dangling root extending from the Last Light Inn’s island across and back to the Shadow-Cursed Lands. This is the best route to the back entrance to the Basement (see next entry).
  • A3: Beneath the Inn itself and near the docks, you can find a door which leads to Last Light Inn’s basement. It connects to a hut near A2.

W – Waypoint

There is one waypoint at the Inn, fittingly called “Last Light Inn.”

There is only one place to go directly from the Last Light Inn, unless you trigger the siege of Moonrise Towers with Jaheira.

  • Shadow-Cursed Lands: To get anywhere else, you’ll have to go back into the Shadow Curse. Make sure to prepare a light source or have Isobel’s blessing.

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4 months ago

3 – Minthara

Minthara is the head of the Harpers at the Last Light Inn, as well as the organizer of the surviving Tiefling refugees from Act 1 and whoever else you might rescue during Act 2. Suffice to say, she’s quite busy (too busy to join your party until that is taken care of, in fact). 

This is supposed to be Jaheira, not Minthara.