Where to Find Zevlor – Baldur’s Gate 3

Zevlor is the leader of the tiefling refugees in the Emerald Grove. You’ll first see him arguing with a human named Aradin at the gate. Then a goblin raid will appear and a fight will break out. When the dust settles, you may want to speak with Zevlor – but he moves around a few times, so finding him can be tricky.

When you enter the Emerald Grove for the first time, Zevlor will be standing just inside the gate, arguing with Aradin again. When Aradin leaves, you can speak with Zevlor to find out more about the situation in the Emerald Grove.

After your initial conversation near the gate, Zevlor will walk down the hill into The Hollow and enter a stone door. He’ll stay here until the situation at the druid grove is resolved one way or the other.

If you force the tieflings out or side with the goblins, Zevlor will disappear from the game with the rest of the refugees. He can also be killed if you choose to engage in battle in the grove. Otherwise, if you choose to save the grove, Zevlor will stick around until the party at your camp. After that you won’t see him again until you reach Moonrise Towers.

baldurs gate 3 where to find zevlor chamber
Zevlor in the Secluded Chamber

As elusive as an NPC can get, Zevlor will once again be the target of your search after you find yourself in the Shadow-Cursed Lands. There, you’ll get the quest to Find Zevlor early on, but won’t actually be able to reach him until the very end of the chapter when you confront Ketheric Thorm on the roof of Moonrise Towers and he escapes through the Hollow Tower.

After you leap down the Hollow Tower into the Mind Flayer Colony, you’ll have to make your way through the area until you find a room with a bunch of pods and a Neural Apparatus. Zevlor is trapped in one of the pods. Click on the Apparatus and choose the Release option. This will initiate a fight against some Mind Flayers. If Zevlor survives the fight, you’ll be able to talk to him and complete the quest.

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