Free Lae’zel – Baldur’s Gate 3

At the start of the game, you’ll find yourself on a beach after the plot to put you there. There are several companions scattered around this small area whom you can recruit. A noteworthy one is the sassy Githyanki lady, Lae’zel. You would have briefly met her in the opening sequence of the game, and if her fiery personality piqued your interest, then you will definitely want to recruit her for the squad.

Lae’zel is the only potential party member who has been taken captive on the beach (not to be confused with the companion trapped in the pod). She can be seen in a suspended cage (1) at this point on the map (2). You will want to be careful, because as you approach, you will automatically be drawn into a conversation with her captors. You can fight them, intimidate them and make them leave, or convince them to open the cage (which then leads to the choice of siding with them or Lae’zel).

Now you will have to get her down from the cage. Figuring out how might be difficult if you’re not familiar with the gameplay, but it is very easy. Simply select a character that has a ranged attack (like a bow), select the ranged attack, then click on the base of the cage. After shooting the cage’s base two times, Lae’zel will be free from her incarceration.

where to find laezel shooting cage
Be careful with your aim”¦

Afterward, Lae’zel will ask politely to join your party (by politely, we mean”¦not politely); you can accept or send her packing. We suggest the former option because she is the only fighter companion in this first part of the game. Having a heavy hitter is very advantageous early on, especially if your character is one of the daintier classes.

Is Lae’zel one of your favorite companions? Let us know how her winning personality won you over in the comments!

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