How to Disarm Traps – Baldur’s Gate 3

Traps are a staple in any game with dungeon exploration, and Baldur’s Gate 3 is no different. Knowing how to disarm them will help you get through these dungeons more smoothly, as some of them can be quite nasty if not dealt with. But before you can disarm them, you will need a Trap Disarm Toolkit.

This handy little kit can be found at many merchants in the game. You’ll also find it on one of the first enemies you kill at the chapel south of the Emerald Grove, which conveniently enough is one of the first places you can find traps to disarm.

You must have one of these in your inventory to disarm traps, similar to how you need to have Thieves’ Tools on hand if you want to pick locks. Make sure it’s in the inventory of the character you will be using to disarm. Ideally this will be the party member with the highest Sleight of Hand skill.

baldurs gate 3 trap disarm toolkit

You can’t disarm a trap that you don’t know is there, so the first step is detection. To detect a trap, you just need to walk near it and roll a successful Perception check. Anyone in your party can roll if they get close enough, including summoned minions like Find Familiar and Mage Hand. Only one member of your party needs to succeed. They’ll alert you with a line of dialogue and the trap will briefly glow orange. Now when you hover over the trap, it will say “Disarm.”

Okay, you’ve got a Trap Disarm Toolkit in your inventory, and you’ve detected a trap. Now what?

Click on the trapped object. Your character will approach the trap and a Sleight of Hand skill check will appear on screen. You can use any bonuses you have available. The Trap Disarm Toolkit automatically gives you a +1 bonus.

baldurs gate 3 disarm trap sleight of hand dexterity check

If you succeed, the trap will be disarmed. If the trapped object was lootable, you can now safely loot it.

If you fail, the trap will go off, and your Trap Disarm Toolkit may break. So it’s a good idea to use the character with the highest Sleight of Hand and make sure to use any bonuses you have available.

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