How to Find Scratch – Baldur’s Gate 3

While wandering around the starting region, you may come across an all white dog protecting his deceased owner. Luckily, you can befriend Scratch, bring him to your camp, and eventually even summon him as a familiar in combat.

You can find Scratch anytime after completing Escaping the Nautiloid. He can be found protecting his owner north of the Blighted Village and west of the Emerald Grove. If you absolutely want to bring him to camp, I recommend saving before approaching him. A bad dice roll can result in him running away for good.

In order to get Scratch to come to your camp, you will have to pass a Perception, Intimidation, or a Persuasion check. Alternatively, if you have some way of speaking to animals like a Potion of Animal Speak the interaction will be slightly easier since the language barrier is removed. As long as you follow calming options and don’t frighten Scratch, he should be friendly towards you.

Towards the end of the conversation, let Scratch smell your hand and he will appear at your camp a few days later.

baldus gate 3 how to get scratch petting scratch

To earn this achievement and most importantly play fetch with Scratch, you have to pet Scratch at camp and your avatar must be level four. You should see an exclamation point over the dog after meeting the requirements and long resting. If you don’t see one, try long resting a few more times and it should appear.

After getting to that point, you’ll have to pass an Animal Handling, Strength or Slight of Hand check to take the ball from him. Access your inventory, select the ball, right click or press the actions button, and choose throw. Throwing it in your camp will cause Scratch to run after it and bring it back to you, earning the achievement.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have the ability to bring Scratch into combat as a familiar! Scratch has a basic attack ability that does 3-8 damage, can discover items in the world, and help downed companions.

Now you’re free to play with Scratch as often as you’d like. Did you manage to find Scratch naturally exploring the world? Let us know in the comments below!

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