How to Change Dice Appearance – Baldur’s Gate 3

At first glance you might not realize it, but that seemingly always-unlucky 20-sided die can actually be customized with skins. So far, all die customizations with the exception of Behir Blue are confirmed to require some kind of purchase.

A surefire way to pick up dice customizations is to buy either the Digital Deluxe DLC or be an owner of the Collectors Edition. The Digital Deluxe will give you a Dragonflame Red skin that is accessible from the first time you roll.

Owning the Collectors Edition will reward you with a platform-specific die, with Illithid Purple being the Steam-exclusive skin. GOG and PS5 are also confirmed to have exclusive skins, with no word on Xbox having any.

One skin has been a mystery up to this point, Bethir Blue. There have been plenty of theories on the origin of the skin, ranging from owning other DND games to playing the game in Early Access, but it seems like owning Bethir Blue is up to random chance.

To change your dice appearance, you’ll have to wait until the next time you have the opportunity to roll. Once your at the screen, do not click the dice! Instead, click the button in the bottom left corner of your screen.

baldurs gate 3 change dice appearance button

After pressing it, you’ll see a list of your dice customization options. Owners of the digital deluxe edition should always have the Dragonflame Red option. Simply choose your preferred one and your die will take on a new look.

baldurs gate 3 change dice menu

Now you should be able to roll just short of your required roll in style. Did you run into any problems customizing your die, or have you discovered how Bethir Blue is unlocked? Let us know in the comments below!

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