How to Quick Save and Quick Load – Baldur’s Gate 3

Players wanting to explore every possible option in Baldur’s Gate 3 will spend plenty of time saving and reloading saves to test dialogue options or see if you’ll really get in trouble for killing somebody. (You will)

Unlike some other games, quick saving is not exclusive to keyboard and mouse players. Adventurers using a keyboard and mouse can press F5 to start a quick save. If you’re using a controller, you will have to enter the pause menu and press the top face button: Y on Xbox or Triangle on PlayStation.

Your game will briefly pause while it saves. Keep in mind there is a limit for quick saves. By default, this limit is 25 on PC but it can be adjusted up to 50. The setting can be found under the Gameplay tab of the options menu.

baldurs gate 3 quick save quick load options

There wouldn’t be much point in quick saving if you couldn’t quickly load it. On a keyboard, press F8 to load your last save. Using a controller, press pause and hold down the left face button: X on Xbox or Square on PlayStation.

Keep in mind that this loads your last save, regardless of it was a quick save or not.

Have fun experimenting with different options now that you can face minimal consequences for your actions. Have any funny stories of accidentally not quick saving before trying something, and drastically shifting your campaign in the process? Let us know in the comments below!

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