Rosymorn Monastery – Baldur’s Gate 3

This walkthrough will help you navigate the decrepit Rosymorn Monastery, unlocking all the secrets of the seemingly-abandoned ancient site of worship. It will also guide you through all the encounters in the region, as well as help you get all the pieces to help you locate the elusive Blood of Lathander mace, as well as the equally-elusive Githyanki Crèche Y’llek.


baldurs gate 3 rosymorn monastery map 1

Points of Interest
1 – Githyanki Patrol
2 – Drunk Kobolds
3 – Tombstone
4 – Dirt Mound
5 – Gremishka Nest
6 – Giant Eagles
7 – Guardian of Faith
8 – Holy Lance Helm
9 – Dawnmaster’s Crest Puzzle

A – Mountain Pass
B – Crèche Y’llek

W – Waypoint

1 – Githyanki Patrol

baldurs gate 3 rosymorn monastery gith patrol

As you approach the Rosymorn Monastery, you will encounter a group of Githyanki transporting several acolytes of the Absolute. After hinting at a weapon of some kind – your first clue to finding the elusive Blood of Lathander mace in Creché Y’llek – one of them will try to escape and be killed by the Gith. You will not be able to confront them yet, but consider yourself warned.

2 – Drunk Kobolds (Ceremonial Mace)

  • Enemies
    • 12x Kobolds – Lv. 5
  • Notable Loot
    • Ceremonial Mace

On the ground floor of the Monastery, you will be able to find about a dozen kobolds, drunk on ale. If they spot you, there will be a fight. You will need to be careful of the explosive barrels and casks around the arena, as they can be used both for and against you quite easily, but otherwise the Kobolds should be manageable to dispatch. Beware, also, of one Kobold hiding within a barrel.

Once you have killed all the Kobolds in the room, you will be able to loot the Ceremonial Mace from one of their bodies, which will be required to unlock the Dawnmaster’s Crest (#9).

3 – Tombstone

Here, you will be able to find a Rusty Mace belonging to the previous Dawnmaster. Yes, that is all. But maybe it was worth it for the friends we made along the way.

4 – Dirt Mound

The only Dirt Mound in the Rosymorn Monastery can be found in the main entrance hall to the Monastery, through the doors where the Githyanki raiders and their captives went through as you approached (#1).

5 – Gremishka Nest

  • Enemies
    • 10x Gremishka – Lv. 1

Above the Drunk Kobolds (#2), you will encounter ten voice-mimicking Gremishka, which will attack you on sight. If you fail a Passive Perception check, they will also manage to get the drop on you, giving all of them a surprise round against you. These cat-like creatures have a tendency to swarm you, but are weak enough that you should be able to manage them. There is an alternate entrance to the “drunk kobold” room in a side room in this nest.

6 – Giant Eagles (Ceremonial Warhammer)

  • Enemies
    • Giant Eagle – Lv. 4
    • Ancient Giant Eagle – Lv. 5
  • Notable Loot
    • Ceremonial Warhammer

Atop the Monastery, you will find two Giant Eagles, who will let you live if you leave them in peace (and let you know that if you case Speak with Animals first). But peace was never an option: the Giant Eagles are guarding the Ceremonial Warhammer, a critical piece of putting together the Dawnmaster’s Crest (#9). Not only that, but they actually stole their nest from the Blue Jay you can find in the Mountain Pass, who will be able to guide you to a treasure if you kill the Eagles and give him back his nest. 

baldurs gate 3 rosymorn monastery giant eagle

Alternatively, if peace is an option for you, you can also pass a DC-15 Persuasion check to convince the birds to let you look at the machine, and loot the Ceremonial Warhammer while you are at it.

7 – Guardian of Faith (Ceremonial Battleaxe)

  • Enemies
    • Guardian of Faith – Lv. 7
  • Notable Loot
    • Ceremonial Battleaxe

Upstairs, you’ll be able to find a room that is locked, but can be entered from a weak wall to the side (or lockpicked open). Within, a Guardian of Faith is still active, guarding the dilapidated monastery forever. It is time to put his duty to rest – destroying the Guardian will get you access to the Ceremonial Battleaxe, a piece of the Dawnmaster’s Crest (#9) puzzle.

8 – Holy Lance Helm

By jumping across the top of the Monastery, you can come across a painted chest containing this helm, whose spiky radiant damage can be useful to give to a front-liner (especially one about to take on Kobolds (#2) or Gremishka (#5).

9 – Dawnmaster’s Crest (Blood of Lathander Puzzle)

  • Notable Loot
    • Dawnmaster’s Crest
    • Scroll of Revivify

The Dawnmaster’s Crest is the (literal) key to safely obtaining the Blood of Lathander legendary mace within Creché Y’llek. But, to access the Crest, you’ll need to complete a puzzle: placing all 4 “Ceremonial” weapons on their correct altar. As follows:

  • The Ceremonial Sword is already on the northern altar, corresponding to the fresco near it.
  • The Ceremonial Mace can be found on a Drunk Kobold (#2) and should be placed on the southern altar.
  • The Ceremonial Warhammer is stashed within the Giant Eagle’s nest (#6) and should be placed on the western altar.
  • The Ceremonial Battleaxe can be found with the Guardian of Faith, behind a locked door (#7) and should be placed on the eastern altar.
baldurs gate 3 rosymorn monastery completed puzzle

Once you have all three weapons, you will get access to the Dawnmaster’s Crest, required to access the Blood of Lathander in a secret chamber within Creché Y’llek.

Alternatively, by passing a Passive Perception check and a DC-30 Sleight of Hand check, you can find a panel next to the Ceremonial Sword altar which can be used to unlock the puzzle without finding the Ceremonial weapons.

AMountain Pass

Back the way you came, you’ll likely need to exit the area from this direction, since the Monastery and connected Crèche Y’llek are dead ends.

B – Crèche Y’llek

There are 2 Entrances to the Crèche beneath the Monastery.

  • A1: The main entrance is around the back of the monastery. On the first floor, you can go behind the statue of Lathander and down some stairs to enter the Crèche.
  • A2: In front of the Monastery, you can climb down some rocks and then some hanging vines, and then jump across a gap to reach a door with a DC-10 Sleight of Hand lock. This entrance into the Crèche will around more suspicion, but is easier to reach.
baldurs gate 3 rosymorn monastery hidden entrance

W – Waypoints

There is 1 waypoint, called Rosymorn Monastery, just outside the Monastery itself.

There are two places you can go from the Rosymorn Monastery. One is a path to a dead end with some valuable loot, and the other is back the direction you came, which you’ll need to go back to to progress the game.

  • Creché Y’llek: If you came to the Rosymorn Monastery, it was likely because you were looking for the Creché anyway. There is little reason to go to the monastery unless you want to interact with the Gith, so you ought to find your way to their semi-secret lair.
  • Mountain Pass: After you are finished with the Creché and Monastery, you’ll need to head back this way if you don’t use waypoints to leave. This will lead you toward the Shadow-Cursed Lands, which will progress the story.

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