Investigate Kagha – Baldur’s Gate 3

Among the many ways to handle the Tiefling situation in Emerald Grove, exposing Kagha and convincing her to step down is by far the most peaceful. It keeps the grove open and saves the Tieflings all without having to take on the Goblin Camp.

From the main room where you meet Kagha, head northwest into the servants’ quarters. On the west side of the room, you’ll find a small dark crevice that contains Kagha’s Chest. The easiest way to find it is to highlight objects with Left-Alt or the right analog stick, it should appear if you’re close to the west wall. Naturally the chest is locked, so you’ll have to pass a DC 10 Dexterity check to lockpick it. Make sure nobody is near you, as they may see you and interfere.

baldurs gate 3 investigating kagha finding kaghas letter
Walk into this corridor to find the chest

Reading the letter will start the “Investigate Kagha” quest and tell you to continue your search in the swamp to the south. Be sure you’re ready for a fight before moving on, since the swamps can be quite dangerous.

If you have already explored the southwestern part of the wilderness, you can quickly get to the note from the Blighted Village or the Riverside Teahouse waypoint. Otherwise, head to the Emerald Grove Environs waypoint and start traveling west. You’ll cross a bridge into the Blighted Village; keep going until you reach the waypoint. From here take the southern road into the swamp in the direction of the quest marker. The note is on an island, so you will have to jump across small islands in the water to reach it.

baldurs gate 3 investigate kagha oladans letter map

On the island, you’ll need to defeat some Wood Woads and Mud Mephits before you can grab the letter. Be sure to only deal the finishing blow from a distance, as they’ll explode with mud upon death.

After the fight, go to the southwest side of the tree at the center of the island. Search the crevice to find the note. After reading the note, you’ll now have the evidence you need to confront Kagha.

baldurs gate 3 investigating kagha olodans note
This is where you will find Olodan’s note

Return to Emerald Grove and speak to Kagha. After passing the dialogue options you will have to battle three Shadow Druids, so be prepared for a fight. Tell her that you know the truth about the shadow druids, and then give the letter to Rath. Next, select the Persuasion option, followed by a Persuasion or a Religion option. A fight with the three Shadow Druids, plus Kagha if you fail to convince her, will begin after the conversation.

Once the shadow druids are defeated, the druids will take care of Kagha while you can inform Zevlor his people are safe.

How did you decide to solve the situation in the grove? Were you able to save Kagha from the shadow druids influence? Let us know in the comments below!

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