What is Max Level? – Baldur’s Gate 3

The max level in Baldur’s Gate 3 is 12 for all characters. There are some nuances to that limit, however, such as those related to multiclassing. In this guide, we will briefly talk about the max level and how it affects gameplay.

When you level up, your character (s) become stronger through gaining new spells and abilities, and improving their stats. At different level intervals, classes will gain access to subclasses. Eventually, you will reach the max level of 12, and you will not be able to level your character anymore. This is meant to balance the game and keep it fun and challenging towards the end. If players could continue to level indefinitely, then there would be no reason to buildcraft and find interesting combinations of abilities and classes to make your character powerful.

baldurs gate 3 max level guide level up image

If you made a mistake while leveling to the max, that’s okay! The game made it possible to respec any character very early on. If you hit level 12 with a character, and they’re just not cutting it, try respeccing them so they obtain different abilities!

Speaking of buildcrafting, multiclassing becomes available to characters at an early level, but even having more than one class will not allow you to circumvent the level cap. A multi-classed character can still only have 12 levels total between their classes. For example, a character could choose a rogue at the beginning and progress to level 10, then change to a fighter for the last 2 levels. After having a cumulative level of 12 they would not be able to go any higher.

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What do you think about the pacing of the game and the characters’ levels? Will they increase the level cap with a possible future DLC? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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