Adamantine Forge – Baldur’s Gate 3

Hidden deep within the Underdark, the Adamantine Forge is said to be able to craft items of legend. And if that sounds like a good-enough reason to go on an exciting and dangerous adventure to you, then you might want to familiarize yourself with our Adamantine Forge guide that will tell you how to find and use it.

First things first, you will need to locate the Adamantine Forge. Note that your way to the Adamantine Forge, you’ll almost certainly want to take a couple of detours to get the moulds and ore you’ll need to use the Forge.

Mithral Ore is required for creating items in the forge, and there are two convenient places to get it quite near the forge.

Without moulds, the ore isn’t much use to you. Fortunately, it isn’t that hard to get the moulds; like the Mithral Ore, the moulds can be found near the forge — our guide will lead you right to ’em!

The first time you try to craft something in the Adamantine Forge, the moment you activate the Lava Valve, you’ll have to fight Grym – The Eternal Protector of the Forge. Unfortunately, Grym is quite tough — in fact, he is pretty much indestructible in his default form and you will have to keep him inside lava in order to deal any meaningful damage. Our Grym Boss Battle Fight guide will tell you all you need to know to be ready for this challenging encounter.

When you first see it, the Adamantine Forge comes with a Mould Chamber, Mould Ejection Lever, Crucible, and Forge Lever. Using it is fairly straightforward.

Click on the Mould Chamber, then open your Inventory. Place the desired mould into the new window you’ll have on the screen, and click Insert (1). Next, click on the Crucible and repeat the process only now using a chunk of Mithral Ore (2).

Then, click on the Forge Lever. Once you do, the entire forge will descend a level and allow you to interact with the Lava Valve and the Platform Control button below.

Click on the Lava Valve to fill the chamber with lava. The first time you interact with the Lava Valve, you’ll initiate a boss fight, so be ready when you do it. Once the lava subsides, click on the Forge Lever again and go pick up your reward – a piece of Adamantine gear (1). If you have more Mithral Ore, you can repeat the process without going up a level (you can use the Platform Control button to do it). Just don’t forget to use the Mould Ejection Lever (2) first if you want to use a different mould.

Below, you’ll find images of all the Adamantine weapons and armour we were able to craft. As a general rule, Adamantine weapons come with a +1 Enchantment, the Diamondsbane feature allowing them to always critically hit inanimate objects and the Lethal Weapon feature that allows the weapon to ignore resistance to its damage type. Adamantine Armour, on the other hand, tends to protect its wearer from Critical Hits and send its attackers Reeling – a condition that grants its target a -1 penalty to Attack Rolls.

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