Find Your Belongings – Baldur’s Gate 3

Tiefling children in the Emerald Grove have robbed you while you were talking to Mattis, and taken your stuff somewhere else! In this guide, we’ll show you how to get your equipment back.

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Points of Interest
1 – Mattis and Silfy
2 – Doni
3 – Mol
4 – Thieves’ Stash

A – Hole
B – Concealed Hatch

The Emerald Grove has a thieves’ guild. Sure, the thieves are just kids, but they’re organized, and they even have a hideout. The first time you try shopping with Mattis (#1), he’ll distract you with a “lucky” coin, and he’ll signal to his sister Silfy to rob you, which you’ll notice if you pass a DC-15 Perception check. However, even with the cue, Silfy won’t always make the attempt. This appears to be random. If Silfy doesn’t try to rob you, then sometimes shopping with Mattis again will get her to change her mind, or you might need to load your game.

If Silfy attempts to liberate some of your items, then you’ll get two chances to notice that something is wrong. If you pass a DC-10 Perception check, then you’ll catch Silfy in the act. If you pass a DC-5 Perception check, then you’ll at least realize you’ve been robbed. You’ll only trigger this quest if you fail the DC-10 check but pass the DC-5 check. Silfy will steal a random item or 35 gold — or both — from the character shopping with Mattis.

To get your stolen items back, you’ll have to find the Tiefling Hideout. There are two entrances: the hole located at the bottom of the ladder behind Mattis (Exit A), and the concealed hatch located west of Mattis where Doni is stationed (Exit B). The former requires you to be small. The latter requires you to interact with Doni (#2) and pass some skill checks, or rescue Mirkon from the harpies during the quest Investigate the Beach. Please refer to our Emerald Grove guide for more details about the entrances.

Inside the hideout, you’ll meet Mol, the thief leader (#3). When you ask her about the robbery, you’ll be given three ways to get your items back: you can pay her “inspection fee” (which is the same as the value of the stolen items), or you can pass a DC-15 check on Intimidation (Barbarian advantage) or Persuasion. If you fail the Intimidation check, then Mol will flee the hideout and inform the other tieflings that you’ve been threatening children, which will get you arrested unless you can pass a DC-20 Deception check. If you fail the Persuasion check, then Mol will increase the value of her inspection fee.

If you’re successful with Mol, then she’ll hand you a Pickpocket’s Bag containing your stolen items, and she’ll teach you a hand signal, which you’ll learn if you pass a DC-5 Intelligence check. If you’re unsuccessful with Mol, or if she’s broken in some way and you can’t ask her about the robbery or talk to her at all, then you’ll have to head over to the Thieves’ Stash (#4) and — amusingly — steal your items back.

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