Steven Carter

Steven Carter

Starting with cassette tape games on the TRS-80, Steven has been playing, creating, and writing about games for a long, long time. This makes him experienced, not old. Lately, Steven has been focusing on walkthroughs, making sure everybody knows how to solve Towers of Hanoi puzzles.
baldurs gate 3 featuredimage investigatethebeach

Investigate the Beach – Baldur’s Gate 3

Alluring music is wafting in from the beach.  It’s definitely not coming from Alfira, so what could be causing it?  In this guide, we’ll show you how to solve the mystery. Map Background When you approach the Secluded Cove located…

baldurs gate 3 featuredimage findyourbelongings

Find Your Belongings – Baldur’s Gate 3

Tiefling children in the Emerald Grove have robbed you while you were talking to Mattis, and taken your stuff somewhere else! In this guide, we’ll show you how to get your equipment back. Map Background The Emerald Grove has a…

baldurs gate 3 featuredimage save arabella

Save Arabella – Baldur’s Gate 3

Arabella has been imprisoned by the druids. Can you rescue her before she becomes snake food? Map Background The first time you approach the Sacred Pool in the Emerald Grove, you’ll witness a confrontation between druids and tieflings (#1). Once…

baldurs gate 3 featuredimage owlbear nest

Owlbear Nest – Baldur’s Gate 3

In the forest that precedes the Blighted Village, you’ll come across an Owlbear Nest (or be lead there by a few NPCs). Inside is an interesting-looking chest, and a dangerous creature you can probably guess the name of who waits…

baldur's gate 3 a nautiloid in hell featured image

A Nautiloid in Hell – Baldur’s Gate 3

Map Overview The Nautiloid is where you’ll begin in Baldur’s Gate 3.  Your primary goal in the area is to escape.  See the quest entry for Escape the Nautiloid for more information. 1 – Starting Point Near this spot you’ll…