Elden Ring’s New DLC Foe is an Omen of Nightmarish Things to Come

In a post on X earlier today, Elden Ring’s official account posted a new piece of concept art for one of the foes that will be coming with Elden Ring’s upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. And suffice to say, it looks… Terrifying.

The new enemy, which was introduced with the caption “Fearsome foes of unfathomable power await you in the Realm of Shadow,” is the first new design we’ve seen teased for Shadow of the Erdtree since February’s gameplay trailer for the DLC. But we can see why: it’s a really good design. And it gives us just a few hints about what is to come in the DLC, releasing in just over a month on June 20th.

As for the actual foe on display: it is a hunched humanoid with pale, gray skin, its coloration similar to that of several Omens we see in the game, specifically those found in the sewers of Leyndell. This is further demonstrated by the Omen horns protruding from behind a gold mask (no, not that Gold Mask), all but proving that this creature is an Omen of some description. For those who need a reminder: Omen are born of humans and gods with a curse, of which their horns are evidence, who are shunned at birth and hunted by Omen Killers. The two most famous Omens in the game, Mohg and Morgott, are demigod children of Marika, but there are also numerous unnamed omens seen throughout the game.

But that does raise another question, because — unlike those hulking, giant-esque figures mentioned above — this Omen is thinner, more hunched, and looks very different to any other Omen we’ve yet seen. We don’t yet know whether this creature will be a boss or a regular enemy (though “foes of unfathomable power” seems to lean towards “boss,” in our opinion), but whatever the case, this seems to prove that Omens in the Realm of Shadow operate by different rules than those in the rest of the Lands Between.

And, for what its worth, the one shown here seems like it might be deadlier than what we’ve seen before. Primarily because of the weapons it wields: a set of twin, circular blades — similar to a chakram, for those familiar — with extended cutting edges around about three-quarters of their edges. I can practically see the spin attacks and thrown discs now…

Apart from that, we don’t know much about the figure in question, or its role in the game. The sinister black background and nondescript stone floor doesn’t reveal much, the robes it wears are tattered and non-specific (like most Omens’ clothes), and the flowing white hair cascading from behind its mask doesn’t tell us much. Even the mask doesn’t tell us much; it looks unlike other masks we’ve seen in the Lands Between so far.

What we can say, however, is that we can’t wait to kill that thing… After it kills us a dozen times. But it’ll all be worth it for those sick circular blades (so long as they don’t scale with Faith).

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