Managing Assets – Starfield Mission

What goes around comes around in this Ryujin Industries faction mission. Our walkthrough will help you deal with a little murder-errand Dalton sends you on in recompense for pissing off Bayu during Guilty Parties. Depending on your actions in the first Ryujin mission, you might run into someone you know…

  • Quest Type: Faction
  • Prerequisite: The Key Ingredient
  • Unlocks: Sabotage
  • Location
    • System: Volii System
    • Planet: Volii Alpha
    • City: Neon (Core)
  • Rewards (At level 28)
    • 1000 Credits
    • Random consumable
    • 100 XP

This step will likely be completed immediately, as this mission begins and Masako begins briefing you as soon as you finish talking to her at the end of The Key Ingredient. If this is your first objective, however, you’ll need to look for Masako in the Ryujin Industries tower in the Neon Core — get into the elevator in the lobby and go to whatever floor is marked with starfield objective marker, then use your scanner to find Masako.

Speak with her, and she’ll either send you after Tomo if you spared him in Back to the Grind, or another random operative if you killed Tomo already.

Once you’re done talking with Masako, use your Mission Log and fast travel to your target’s location. Depending on if you’ve been to the target planet already, you may need to make multiple jumps, and/or jump to orbit before landing at the target location.

The location of your target is random, so you’ll need to rely on your scanner and starfield objective marker to find your target. Once you find the operative, walk up and speak with them — unless you want to take them out, in which case you can make things easier on yourself by getting a sneak attack head shot off on the operative. Good corporate assassins usually say something sinister to their target first though, so it’s your call.

  • If your target is Tomo, talk to him and you’ll have two opportunities to [Demand X Credits], one right after the other.
  • If your target is a random operative, if you don’t want to kill them, you’ll have to pay them to go into hiding.

Either kill your target, or talk to them and make them go into hiding.

Some players have reported difficulty finding their target if they are located in Neon — if this occurs, try going to Ebbside (entrance near the spaceport elevator), as this should move the starfield objective marker and allow you to find your target via Hand Scanner guide arrows.

tomo in managing assets starfield mission walkthrough
Pretty casual for a guy on the run with a Ryujin asset standing right in front of them

Once you’ve dealt with the operative, use your Mission Log to fast travel back to the Neon Core, then return to Ryujin Tower’s Executive Offices. Go talk to Dalton to end this mission and receive your rewards!

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