How to Join Ryujin Industries – Starfield

Ryujin Industries is one of the largest companies in the Settled Systems, manufacturing a wide variety of technologies from ships to medical devices. They are based in Neon, a dystopian city within Freestar Collective space.

You’ll unlock the ability to join Ryujin Industries after landing on New Atlantis for the first time during One Small Step.

Before joining Ryujin Industries, you’ll have to apply at any kiosk in a major city. The first one you come across will be in New Atlantis.

When you land, proceed straight from the landing pad and take the ramp going left into the city. Cross this plaza towards the transit car and select the ‘Commercial District.’

Continue straight, passing the Outland building, and you’ll find a red kiosk that resembles an ATM. Interact with the Kiosk and choose the top option to fill out a job application. Answer each question with any response, since you’ll be invited to interview regardless.

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