Missed Beyond Measure – Starfield Mission

In this main story mission, you can pay tribute to a fallen member of Constellation — or skip the service and just collect the XP, if you prefer.

  • Quest Type: Main
  • Prerequisites: In Their Footsteps
  • Location
    • System: Alpha Centauri
    • Planet: Jemison
    • Facility: The Lodge
  • Rewards
    • 750 XP (At level 20)

This mission unlocks after you complete In Their Footsteps; you’ll need to return to the Lodge, where you’ll find Noel in the library. Get close enough to her, and she’ll talk to you about the service, and tell you it’s in 5 days time.

You don’t have to wait for the service now, if you want. However, you really do only have 5 days to make it to the service. You can check how long you have left by looking at the mission in your Mission Log — the time remaining will be displayed in parentheses after the “Wait for the Service” objective (Image 1).

missed beyond measure mission log timing of mission starfield mission walkthrough
Image 1 – The time remaining until the service is visible in your Mission Log

If you want to attend the memorial now, it’ll take a very long time to wait the normal way. Fortunately, that isn’t necessary! You can skip the 5 days (or however many days you have remaining) by going to your room in the lodge.

To go to your room, head up the stairs in the Lodge’s foyer (Image 2), then go straight from the stairs across the balcony, and through the doorway in the bar (Image 3). Continue through the hallway and turn right, then go into the second room on the right (Image 4) — it’s easy to find at this point, as if you have this mission tracked, your bed will have an objective marker on it. Interact with your bed and you’ll be able to select “Wait until Memorial”.

At this point, you can choose to simply not attend the memorial: by waiting 24 hours, or otherwise skipping a UT day, you’ll complete this mission and earn the XP. If you want to attend the service, however, today’s the day. The service is being held in the Lodge’s library — if you waited via your bed in the Lodge, all you have to do is go back the way you came, then take the stairs or hop over the banister down to near the podium (Image 5).

Once you get close enough, the companion at the podium will begin the memorial service. After the first companion says a few words, it’s your turn. Walk up to the podium (Image 6) and press the indicated button to start your speech.

Feel free to handle the speech however you like — variations we tried didn’t seem to affect anything. Once you’re done talking, wait a moment. After a brief delay, Matteo will come up to the podium and speak, followed by Walter. Note that if you speak to these characters before they get a chance to go up to the podium, sometimes they won’t end up doing their speeches.

After the speeches end, you’ll be able to talk to all of the characters present, if you like — including the portrait of the dead companion that’s by the podium. This is optional, however, and you can walk out the front door of the Lodge to end the mission at any point now.

However, you have a chance to improve your relationship with a few of the characters in these conversations, by choosing a specific line of dialog when able:

  • Sarah – “You don’t need to be strong for everyone, Sarah. You can grieve too.”
  • Andreja – “You’re making perfect sense, Adreja. There’s no right way to feel.”
  • Sam – “It’s OK to admit you’re sad, Sam. You don’t need a story.”

When you’re ready, leave the Lodge to complete the mission. If you haven’t done it yet, Final Glimpses is next on the agenda. If you’ve already completed that mission, it’s time to head back to the Sol system for Unearthed.

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