Starfield: Shattered Space DLC Gives Space Some Atmosphere

Starfield’s upcoming Shattered Space DLC was given a new trailer at the Xbox Games Showcase, and oh boy does it seem like Bethesda has been paying attention. The trailer came early on in the Xbox Games showcase, confirming a 2024 release date (though with nothing more specific). And, suffice to say, it has piqued our interest for sure.

Opening with a distress call and maintaining a darker tone than base Starfield throughout, the new trailer showed dozens of new locations, and gave us confirmation that Shattered Space is going to focus on the mysterious House Varun. It also seems to be filled to the brim with new enemies, weapons, locations, and storylines that seem promising and fascination, and like they are going to flesh out the game’s best bits.

And, listen, we’ve been a bit hard on Starfield in the past. And, in the time since we last gave our opinion on it, the reception to the game has gotten a little bit colder than on release, with one of the most frequent complaints seen online being that Starfield lacks an exciting aesthetic, coherent plot, or dynamic factions. So, we mean it when we say that it seems like Bethesda understood exactly what Shattered Space needed to be: more aesthetic, clear plot, deeper factions. Now, that is exciting.

In addition to the Shattered Space reveals, the trailer also let us know that there is going to be new, free content coming to Starfield tonight, in the form of a “Tracker’s Alliance” update, which will include “New Locations, New Gear, and New Bounties”, seemingly themed to ensure there is more in the game to make Starfield feel like a Frontier. Which, again, is exactly what the game is best at and should’ve prioritized more. Needless to say, we’ll be checking it out later tonight.

There is a lot more to dig into with that Shattered Space trailer, of course, but just on first blush? It looks great, and it looks like it is going to be adding quite a lot of content that is exactly what Starfield players have been wanting. We are very excited to see what House Varun is up to, even though it doesn’t look good.

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