Echoes of the Past – Starfield Mission

You were probably expecting a bank heist, or a spaceship battle for your initiation into the Crimson Fleet. Little did you know that you’d be rummaging around a frozen planet playing detective. Yet investigating how a bunch of prisoner’s broke out of a high security prison — and where they stashed their treasure — can be surprisingly buccaneer.

This mission is fairly linear, but there are some hidden objects that can trip you up. Also, if you’re someone that has to lockpick every locked container, make sure you stock up on digipicks. If you unlock every lock in this mission, it will easily double the time to complete. This is one of the longer missions, and it is rife with rewards, so let’s jump in and see what you’ll be pillaging.

Due to this guide’s length, please use the Contents tool at the top of this page if you need help with a specific part.

This mission kicks off with you heading down to the surface of the frozen planet, Suvorov. It’s the same planet that The Key orbits, in case you’re flying in from somewhere else. You’ll land right next to Delgado’s ship; he and a crew of pirates will be waiting outside. Talk to him and get the details for the plan.

Finally, some action! As you walk to the prison’s entrance, you will first come into contact with the enemies for this mission. They’re local critters called Grylloba that crawl around and swarm you (Image 3). They’re not very difficult to dispatch, although they are hard to hit when they’re scurrying around. If they surround you, use your jetpack to get away.

starfield crimson fleet echoes of the past fauna
Image 3

Move up to the complex with your crew, fighting the fauna as you go. Eventually, you’ll come to the entrance, where you’ll have to speak with Delgado again. Afterward, he will open the door and the group will head inside (Image 4).

starfield crimson fleet echoes of the past entrance
Image 4

Follow Delgado down the stairs while he talks. You’ll get some more story beats about the prison and the founder of the Crimson Fleet, Jasper Kryx. Once you’re in the big room, you’ll be attacked by more of the crawlies (Image 5). Take them out, then talk to Delgado.

starfield crimson fleet echoes of the past explore attack
Image 5

All the doors are locked, so you need to find the control room to deactivate the lockdown. Delgado will send Mathis with you, but after you enter the first room, the roof will cave in and block your exit (Image 6).

starfield crimson fleet echoes of the past roof fall
Image 6

Now that you’re alone with him, Mathis will approach you about turning on Delgado (Image 7). You can agree to his plan and he’ll stop, or you can disagree with him, and he’ll keep trying to sway you over throughout the mission. Nothing actually comes of the mutiny, but if you disagree with the plan, then choose to not turn him over to Delgado, you can gain him as a follower at the end of the faction quest line. This also requires siding with the Crimson fleet at the end rather than UC SysDef.

starfield crimson fleet echoes of the past mathis
Image 7

In the room where Mathis approaches you, there is a loose panel on the wall. Select it, and it will fall over, opening up another route (Image 8). There are some things to loot in this next area, and there’s only one way to go to continue to the control room. Once there, Delgado will be trying to contact you over the intercom (Image 9).

After speaking with Delgado and finding out the game plan, you will need to open the doors for him. The computer is just to the right of the intercom (Image 10). Use it, then go ‘Security Controls’–>’Override Lockdown’ (Image 11). This will also open the door next to the terminal that leads to D-Block.

Head through the newly-opened door, and follow the path (Image 12). You’ll come to an intake room with a dead guard at his computer. It’s worth noting that you will be finding a plethora of dead guards, and it’s always a good idea to take their stuff, since it’s mostly .27 Caliber ammo and credits (Image 13).

Your mission marker will hone in on the Prisoner Intake Workstation (Image 14). Head over to it and select ‘Power System Controls’–>’Activate D-Block Auxiliary Power’ (Image 15). This will turn on the lights in the room through the glass, and allow you to continue.

When you go into the next area, Mathis will note that there’s a guard tower across the way (Image 16). Go out the door to your right, then head there. This area is a labyrinth with a lot of stairs and enemies. If you ever get turned around, you can use your scanner to lead you to your current objective (Image 17).

You can just follow your scanner to the tower, or you can use your jetpack to boost along the dilapidated catwalks. Beware, there will be a lot of crawly enemies.

Arriving at the guard tower, Mathis will bring up his plot again (see The Mathis Mutiny section above). Answer however you see fit, and you’ll get a new mission objective: locate Jasper Kryx’s cell. Head over to the computer in the guard tower (Image 18). Navigate on the computer as follows: ‘Prisoner Records’–>’D-Block Section 3 Prisoner List’; now you’ll know the cell you need to search (Image 19).

However, you still need to unlock D-Block section 3 on the computer. On the computer’s main page, click on ‘D-Block Switch Control’, then unlock all three of the sections (Image 20). Also, if you go to last message on the main page [LIMS-2111A/UC Message], then you will receive an optional objective for locating a cache of weapons in a different cell (Image 21).

The plan is to search Jasper Kryx’s cell for clues, so leave the guard tower and head down the stairs. Next, there will be a broken catwalk bridge (Image 22). Jump the gap, take your next right, then you’ll be at the Cell Release Switch (Image 23); activate it to open the cells.

There are two more of these switches that you can now use to open all the cells in the block, so don’t waste any digipicks on the cell doors. Another switch is by where you first came into the block (see image 17 above). The last switch is at a guard station by the cafeteria on a lower level by where you came in – we’ll need to open that one later.

After unlocking the block, turn to your left — Kryx’s cell is the first one on the left. There is some ammunition and a few credits to grab here, but the objective is actually the lamp. Yes, the lamp. Select it, and you will be given the prompt to pry open the base (Image 24). Inside is a recording of Kryx giving more details on his escape plan.

starfield crimson fleet echoes of the past lamp base
Image 24

As the recording from the lamp plays, you can start moving over to the other side of the cell block, towards where you entered from. If you drop below the entrance (see Image 17 above), you’ll find the cafeteria. There is a small guard post overlooking the eating area. Inside, you will find the switch to unlock the section 2 cells (Image 25).

starfield crimson fleet echoes of the past section 2 switch
Image 25

From there, follow the quest marker to find the hidden cache; use the scanner to differentiate this optional marker from the main one (Image 26). At the cell, there will be a weapon case, some grenades, and ammunition to loot (Image 27).

After you’ve listened to the recording that you found in the lamp, you’ll know the code to a locker in the shower area that has more information. The shower room is actually very close to where you found the secret weapon cache. Again, use your scanner if you get lost, but it is right next to the cafeteria (Image 28).

starfield crimson fleet echoes of the past shower room v2
Image 28

Inside the showers is the locker on the right, which will automatically open since you have the code from the lamp’s recording. You’ll find a piece of evidence inside (Image 29), and when you listen to it, you’ll receive the code for the Utility Room — the place where the prisoners tunneled to the armory and broke out.

starfield crimson fleet echoes of the past carters locker
Image 29

Yay, you’re finally leaving D-Block! The Utility Room is basically in the one part of the cell block you haven’t been to yet. If you need help finding it, just use your scanner (Image 30). Once inside the room, you’ll find the computer to open the door to your left (Image 31).

Through that opened door and behind the flimsy, loose panel is the path to leave D-Block (Image 32). It’s the same tunnel that all the brave founding members of the Crimson Fleet dug themselves, and used to raid the armory.

starfield crimson fleet echoes of the past tunnel to armory
Image 32

The rest of the mission is pretty cut and dry; you won’t be navigating any more giant cell blocks. The next area is the armory, which has been pretty picked clean, but you’ll still find some good loot here – Mathis definitely does. The guards’ quarters are next, and they are filled with crawly enemies and dead guards to loot. Carefully progress through, being careful not to be swarmed. You’ll eventually reach the Warden’s Office (Image 33).

starfield crimson fleet echoes of the past wardens office
Image 33

On the far wall of the Warden’s office is an intercom, and you’ll never guess who’s trying to reach you. That’s right, it’s Delgado again (Image 34). Tell him about all the cool stuff you found, and choose whether to give Mathis any credit (Image 35). If you want to keep Mathis around, then tell Delgado he did well. Regardless, you’ll receive more instructions: flee the facility via the shuttle bay.

When your chat with Delgado is over, Mathis will want to clear the air, since he can’t follow through with his plan to attack Delgado (Image 36). If you spoke highly of him to Delgado, then he will be grateful, and also ask that you not mention his original plan to Delgado.

starfield crimson fleet echoes of the past mathis warden
Image 36

Again, if you like Mathis, or want him as a pirate companion after finishing the Crimson Fleet missions, then promise to keep your mouth shut. Also, there’s a piece of evidence sitting on the cabinet right next to Mathis (Image 37). Grab it for the Burden of Proof mission.

starfield crimson fleet echoes of the past warden evidence
Image 37

Turn around from the intercom, and the door / stairs to the shuttle bay are in the corner (Image 38). Before heading into the shuttle bay, it’s a good idea to save, because you’re heading for a boss fight. When you enter the bay and head towards the ship, you’ll be attacked by the Grylloba Queen – and a ton of the little crawlies (Image 39).

Grab your best weapon and exterminate them. Use the cover provided from the stairs and crates to keep your distance from the queen. Stay away from the queen until Mathis draws her aggression, at which point you can focus on unloading your weapon on her.

With all your enemies vanquished, you can board the shuttle and leave. There are some good weapons to loot aboard the ship. When you’re ready, go up the ladder to the ship’s cockpit (Image 40), and sit in the pilot’s seat to take off (Image 41). Congratulations, you’re the new proud owner of a UC Prison Shuttle.

You’ll be right next to The Key when you get to orbit. Dock with the station, then head back up to the command center to speak with Delgado (Image 42). He will take the information you collected, then draw up plans for the next mission, a cruise liner heist. Additionally, you will be rewarded with the unique weapon, the Keelhauler (Image 43). Also, depending on how you handled Mathis, he will inform you whether Mathis is now part of the Crimson Fleet or not.

The mission marker will take you to the pirate bar, The Last Nova, for these conversations. If Mathis joined the Crimson Fleet because of your good word, then you will be notified to speak with him by the bar’s entrance (Image 44). This basically solidifies your friendship with the pirate. When the chat is over, head to the other side of the bar to get more information about the next job from Naeva – she wants you to steal stuff (Image 45).

Be sure to grab the magazine right in front of Naeva on the table (Image 46). It gives you 5% more critical damage with ballistic weapons.

starfield crimson fleet echoes of the past magazine
Image 46

While the UC Prison Shuttle is a swell reward for any mission, it’s not exactly top of the line and your other ship is probably better. Stop by Jasmine, the Fleet’s ship technician, on your way off The Key (Image 47). Ask her to view and modify your ships, then swap to the ship you want to be your home ship and change it (Image 48).

If you’d like a more detailed explanation, check out our dedicated guide on How to Change Ships.

If you’re going with the snitch route, then you need to go and lick the boots of your betters. The UC Vigilance is still orbiting Phobos in the Sol System. Dock with the massive ship, and you’ll find Ikande in the command center again. Report to the commander what you’ve learned; he will tell you to stay the course and take on the next mission (Image 49). Lieutenant Toft will gladly accept the two pieces of evidence that you gathered for the mission, Burden of Proof (Image 50).

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