Executive Level – Starfield Mission

The Ryujin Industries questline culminates in a boardroom meeting, which feels right for the corporate faction. Our walkthrough will cover the mission’s various endings, and how to go about manipulating the board members to vote the way you want them to in said meeting.

  • Quest Type: Faction
  • Prerequisite: Sabotage
  • Unlocks: Repeatable faction missions
  • Location
    • System: Volii System
    • Planet: Volii Alpha
    • City: Neon (Core)
  • Rewards (At level 28)
    • 13,4000 Credits
    • Random consumable(s)
    • 350 XP

As always, you’ll generally have done this step right at the end of the previous mission. However, it’s possible to quit at such a time that you’ll need to speak with Masako. If you do have this objective, head to the Ryujin Industries tower in the Neon Core, then take the elevator to the Executive Offices and find Masako with your scanner.

This objective will only appear if you sided with Ularu earlier in the questline. If you don’t have this objective in your Mission Log, you can skip down to the Lobby Board Members step.

Once you finish talking to Masako, you’ll need to speak with Ularu, whose office is directly across from Masako’s. You’ll talk briefly about her plan to become CEO, and then you can lobby her to vote how you want (see Lobby Board Members).

For this objective, you’ll need to speak with 7 different board members, all of whom are conveniently found on the Executive Offices floor. You can use your scanner to find the nearest one, and it’s also easy to find them by simply heading towards the starfield objective markers. There are three topics you can lobby for or against:

  • Banning the Neuroamp – If you want to romance any companions, you should convince board members to vote No on the Internal Neuroamp — your companions won’t be happy if it gets approved by the board.
  • Acquiring Infinity LTD – If you want to romance any companions, you should convince board members to vote Yes acquiring Infinity LTD — your companions will be pleased if it gets approved by the board.
  • Ularu as CEO – Reportedly, having Ularu as CEO does mildly affect the repeatable faction missions for Ryujin, because with her in charge you can kill people on the missions without consequences. Most of the impacts are story related, however:
    • If you sided with Ularu earlier in the questline, you can convince the board members to vote for her to become CEO.
    • If you sided with Ularu earlier in the questline, you can instead backstab her by convincing the board members to vote to keep Masako as CEO.
    • If you sided with Masako earlier in the questline, you’ll be able to convince the board members to vote for her to stay CEO — if you do this, and you protected Imogene earlier in the questline, Imogene will return to Ryujin.

Each conversation is slightly different, as all of the board members are already planning to vote one way or another on each issue. You’ll need to closely read each dialog choice to make sure it’s taking the side you want. It’s a good idea to quicksave before each conversation, as it’s possible to select the wrong dialog option and end up unable to sway the board member the way you wanted.

At each point in the conversation, pick dialog options that support the way you want the board member to vote. If the board member agrees with your position, they’ll say so, and you can move on to the next topic — if they disagree, you’ll be presented with a [Manipulation] option that will sway the board member to your side. Occasionally, you’ll need to [Persuade] instead, but there is usually a [Manipulation] option during the persuasion mini game that has a very high chance of success (Image 1, 2).

Each time you lock in someone’s vote one way or another, your mission log will update; you can track the votes there or in the upper left when it updates. Rather than getting only the minimum required number of votes, however, you should convince everyone to vote the way you want — this will help in case you make a mistake in one conversation, but don’t want to redo the conversation.

mission log executive level starfield mission walkthrough
Image 3 – Tracking the votes

After all the lobbying is finished, your scanner and starfield objective marker will guide you to a chair in the Executive Offices conference room — sit in it, then wait for the meeting to start. You’re mostly a spectator, though you will have a few chances to chime in. At the end of the meeting, Masako will ask if there are other topics, and if you don’t say anything, they will not vote on the Neuroamp — you must bring it up in order to have a vote occur on the topic.

When the meeting ends, you’ll need to talk to the CEO — whoever that ends up being at the end of the meeting. After a brief conversation, the mission will end, and you’ll receive your rewards!

Your time with Ryujin doesn’t have to end now, however, and you have your own office near where Imogene’s is (or was). It’s worth checking out just to grab the free stuff! To reach your office, go to the Operations floor, then go past reception and down the stairs (Image 4). Go straight until you hit the bench — go left around the bench (Image 5) and continue up the stairs to your office (Image 6)

In your office is a safe and a weapon rack on the wall — if you’re lucky, you’ll have rolled some decent loot in one or both. Your office also has a kiosk from which you can choose various Ryujin faction missions (Image 7). They are all similar to the missions in the questline (Image 8) — sneaking someplace, stealing something, planting evidence, and so on.

That’s the end of our Ryujin Industries faction walkthrough! We hope it was helpful — please leave any questions or suggestions you have in the comments below.

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