Further Into the Unknown – Starfield Mission

In this story mission walkthrough, we’ll guide you through the hunt for two more artifacts for Constellation.

  • Quest Type: Main
  • Prerequisites: Starborn
  • Unlocks: Short Sighted
  • Location
    • 2 random worlds
  • Rewards
    • starfield credits icon7200
    • 750 XP

After participating in the Constellation meeting and completing the Starborn mission, you’ll need to talk to Vladimir Sall, who is seated at the conference table in the Lodge (Image 1). He’ll tell you he has locations for two more artifacts. When you’re ready to go look for them, tell him “I’m ready. Give me any data on the Artifacts you have.”

You’ll be directed to visit two locations in search of artifacts. You can set course to these locations through your mission log. As in the earlier mission Into the Unknown, these locations will be random dungeons on random worlds. You should expect a fight, as all of these places are occupied by various kinds of enemy forces. If you get lost, use your scanner and follow the arrows, or use the old maze trick and hug the left or right wall.

Somewhere inside the dungeon you’ll find a mineral cave like the ones where you found the other artifacts. Prepare yourself before you enter these caves, because the artifacts will now be guarded by a Starborn, who is a pretty formidable foe. Ours was level 30. They are able to turn invisible, so you may have to shoot in their general direction to bring them out in the open again. When defeated, they’ll disappear, so you won’t be able to loot them – but you will acquire 1 Quantum Essence, a consumable item that recharges your artifact powers more quickly.

In one of the caves you’ll find Artifact Theta and in the other you’ll find Artifact Tau. Free them from the mineral deposits with your Cutter or another weapon and pick them up to complete your objectives.

Return to the Lodge and activate the Artifact Collection to add Artifacts Theta and Tau (Image 4). Matteo and Noel will debate the merit of continuing down this path. Give your input, and Vladimir will step in to say he needs help making repairs on the Eye. This will start the mission Short Sighted.

Several members of Constellation will now wish to speak with you. These small side missions will appear under Activities in your mission log. You can also take some time to complete other side missions and faction missions if you wish. When you’re ready to continue on, head to our walkthrough for Short Sighted.

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