Sowing Discord – Starfield Mission

In this Ryujin Industries faction mission walkthrough, you’ll get to do something besides go from point A to point B, pick two locks, then return to point A. Of course, you will pick a lock in this mission, but at least you get to do something else first — namely, some corporate sabatoge via persuasion.

  • Quest Type: Faction
  • Prerequisite: Access Is Key
  • Unlocks: Accidents Happen
  • Location
    • System: Volii System
    • Planet: Volii Alpha
    • City: Neon (Core)
  • Rewards
    • 10,000 Credits
    • CQB-X
    • 250 XP (At level 27)

You should know the deal by now — first up is speaking with Imogene to get details on this quest, unless of course you already did this step immediately following Access Is Key. As always, Imogene can be found in her office on the Operations floor of Ryujin Industries Tower in the Neon Core. Once you start tracking this mission, and/or once you fast travel to the Neon Core, you can use your Scanner to find Imogene’s location.

Upon speaking with Imogene, you’ll be able to ask questions about the mission if you like, or skip right to the end of the conversation by picking the first dialog option at each stage of the conversation.

You’ll be given two dossiers to read — once you are done talking with Imogene, go into your inventory, select New Items, and “read” both dossiers. You don’t actually have to read them, but you need to open them in your inventory — doing so will give you better options during Persuasion attempts in the next sections, ones that seem to auto-succeed.

You’ll also receive Nina’s Presentation (Fake) at the end of the dialog, plus a Fitted Business Suit. Even if you’re already wearing some kind of suit, equip the Fitted Business Suit before moving on to the next objective. It improves your Persuasion chances, and not wearing the fitted suit may have an effect on your conversations beyond the improved statistics.

For this and the next section, you can use the Scanner if you get turned around.

Leave Ryujin tower and go straight down the main street to the far end of the Neon Core, where you’ll find the Trade Tower. In the tower’s lobby, it’s easy to spot the entrance to the Astral Lounge (Image 1). Head into the lounge and go to the right side of the room, where you’ll find Zola Adisa sitting alone (Image 2) — walk up to her and start a conversation.

You can say whatever you want until you get to the [Persuade] option, at which point you’ll want to pick that one. Then, pick the following options when they show up — assuming you read Zola’s dossier, they should appear first on the dialog options list during the Persuasion attempt:

  • Infinity LTD is the “cheap” version of Ryujin Industries.
  • Infinity is a follower, not a leader, when it comes to innovation.
  • Infinity lacks clear vision with constant reorganization.
  • Praise Quantum Synergies if the opportunity is presented (note that we aren’t sure what this one actually looks like in-game).

Once you’ve successfully persuaded Zola, go to the VIP elevator that’s across the lounge (Image 3) and use the controls inside to go to the VIP balcony. When the elevator opens again, go right down the hallway, and take your first right into Booth 1 (Image 4).

There, you’ll find Arthur Cruz — talk to him, and pick the [Persuade] option when it pops up. Just like in the previous conversation, pick the options found below when they show up — they should appear first on the dialog options list during the Persuasion attempt if you read Arthur’s dossier:

  • Infinity profits are fabricated. One audit would ruin them.
  • Ryujin’s profits are 25.7% higher and produce a higher quality product.
  • Infinity’s marketing and legal teams can’t compare to Ryujin’s.
  • Ryujin Industries provides financial security.

After persuading Arthur, make sure you grab the Neon Nights magazine on the nearby table (Image 5).

vip booth magazine neon nights sowing discord starfield mission walkthrough
Image 5 – Neon Nights magazine in VIP Booth 1

You now need to get into Nina Hart’s rented suite. This is easily accomplished via lockpicking, although you also have the option of going to the bartender downstairs — Boone Morgan — and paying to get the key (if you choose this option, make sure you tell him you’re from Ryujin, and [Persuade] him to lower the price as well). There’s no reason not to simply pick the lock, however (unless you don’t have any digipicks), so let’s do that.

From Booth 1, go into the hallway and turn left, then continue past the elevator and to the end of the hall, then turn left (Image 6). Continue forward and look right, where you’ll see two VIP booths — Nina’s is on the left (Image 7).

Crouch to hide in front of the door, make sure you’re hidden, then pick the lock. Go into the booth, and you’ll see Nina’s Presentation on the coffee table (Image 8) — interact with it to Swap Nina’s Presentation.

vip booth number two presentation sowing discord starfield mission walkthrough
Image 8 – Swapping the presentations

Presentation swap complete, you’ll need to return to Imogene, who is — you guessed it — still in her office on the Operations floor of Ryujin Tower. Report on your mission however you like, and you’ll get your rewards and unlock the next Ryujin mission, Accidents Happen.

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