Delivering Devils – Starfield Mission

After completing Grunt Work, it’s time to continue the investigation into the Terrormorphs by meeting up with a former researcher in the field.

  • Quest Type: Faction
  • Location
  • Rewards
    • 8300 Credits
    • 250 XP
    • Optional – 2100 Credits from selling research to the Trade Authority
    • Optional – Pick-Me-Up Chem Recipe: +50 Carry Capacity for 15 minutes

Navigate to the Sol system and land at Cydonia on Mars. Enter the underground colony complex, and proceed straight down the ramp. At the bottom of the ramp take a right into the Trade Authority. The person you’ll want to speak to is around the right in the back.

You’ll be assigned this mission by Commander Tuala after completing Grunt Work.

Inside the Mars Trade Authority, speak to Oktai in the back. Ask for information about Percival and you’ll discover he has accrued a significant debt with the Trade Authority. He asks for help getting him to repay, agree and he’ll tell you to visit “The Sixth Circle,” a bar at the lower levels.

Exit the Trade Authority and enter the elevator on the right. Select level P2 and you’ll find the bar on the opposite side of the elevator. Go inside and you’ll quickly be told to leave since you aren’t a Devils Vet.

Mention Percival and the bartender will call you over to speak with him.

Approach the bartender and he’ll quiz you on some Vanguard facts to verify your identity. Hopefully you paid attention during Supra Et Ultra

The answer to the first question is “Above and Beyond,” and the second answer is “The Vanguard entrance exam isn’t graded like that.” He’ll accept your identity, but finding Percival isn’t that easy. The doctor is intentionally in hiding due to his debt, so you’ll have to relieve it before meeting with him. 

starfield delivering devils the sixth circle

Ask for suggestions on clearing his debt and he’ll suggest breaking into the Trade Authority’s computer and changing it there. Alternatively, you can simply pay off his entire debt yourself. A third option will present itself after the conversation by speaking to the bar patron named Cambridge. This method will take significantly longer than the others, but it involves no breaking and entering.

Requires 21,867 Credits

Percival’s debt is an impressive 21,867 credits which can be paid by speaking to Oktai in the Trade Authority. If you have plenty of money on hand, this is the fastest way to move on with the mission.

Requires One Rank of Security

The next fastest option will be to change Percival’s debt amount on the Trade Authority computer and ask Lou to pay it off. Exit The Sixth Circle and head back to the main level through the elevator.

Proceed up the ramp towards the colony exit and enter the Broken Spear bar to the left. Walk behind the bar and go up the stairs.

Go down this hallway and turn right at the end to enter the security office.

starfield delivering devils security office

Luckily, nobody seems to have the slightest concern about security. Enter the door in the security office, turn left and go down the stairs. Here there will be a door with an Advanced level lock on it. Lockpick it, go inside, and interact with the computer mounted to the wall. 

Select ‘Walker, Percival’ at the bottom and choose the attachment. Scroll down to ‘Balance Update: 500 Credits’ to change his debt.

Now, exit this area and return to Lou to pick up 500 credits from him. Head back up the elevator and go to the back of the Trade Authority to pay off Percival’s debt.

If you want the drug recipe or the other methods aren’t an option for you, you’ll have to clear out the Spacers in the deep mines of Mars. Exit Cydonia to the planet surface and start running towards the Abandoned Mine by the quest marker. It is a bit of a trek, but you can jump and boost repeatedly in the low gravity to help manage your oxygen. If you get lost, remember to open your scanner which will provide a path to your next objective on the ground.

starfield delivering devils entering mining complex

Once you reach the mining facility, clear out the Spacers in the main building and you’ll find a orange door on the bottom floor. Go through the door and make your way down the stairs. Proceed through the door at the bottom to find yourself in a large cavern full of Spacers.

Defeat the Spacers here, staying behind cover when neccessary, and enter the tunnels extending from the cavern. They can be found on the right hand side of the cavern from where you entered. At the end of the tunnel enter the door on the left and proceed down the stairs to the next part of the mines.

At the bottom of the stairs you’ll be in another large room of more Spacers. On the opposite side of the room will be a tunnel leading right with an orange door at the end.

Go through here to take on the next group of Spacers on the other side of the bridge. Be careful, the enemies in the room below will be able to see and shoot you while your on the bridge, so move quickly. To get deeper in the mines, go right after crossing the bridge and make your way through the cave.

At the end you’ll come across your final group of Spacers and the leader you have to kill to progress the mission. Continue through the mines to the right of where you entered and finish off the remaining Spacers. Once they’re defeated enter the Material Analysis room and use the intercom on the right.

Cambridge will tell you to grab a sample of Hematite. Go back into the tunnels and activate your scanner to find some. Fortunately, there should be a quest marker leading you right to a deposit. Use your laser cutter to harvest it and return to Material Analysis.

starfield delivering devils mineral sample

Go to the back of the room to find the Thresher. Deposit the sample into the marked slot and wait for the analysis. Collect the data and return to the intercom to talk to Cambridge. Grab the elevator key on top of the Thresher and enter the elevator on the opposite side of the room from the Thresher.

When you’re back on the surface, activate your scanner and fast travel back to your ship. It should be about 1300 meters away. Enter Cydonia and return to the Sixth Circle to speak to Cambridge. He’ll tell you the pitch to give Oktai and give you a copy of the formula.

Return to the Trade Authority and tell Oktai that you have a business proposition for him. His main concern will be the Spacers occupying the deep mines that you fortunately already cleared out. Tell him you want mounds of credits before choosing the option to clear Percival’s debt. You’ll receive a bonus of 2100 credits.

With Percival’s debt cleared, it is time to finally find him.

Go down the elevator to The Sixth Circle and speak to Lou at the bar. He’ll tell you Percival is in the Red Devil’s HQ, accessible only through the Deep Mines. If you did Option 1 or 2, you’ll have to defeat the Spacers in the mines from Option 3 to get there.

Leave Cydonia and head back to the surface. If you completed Option 3 earlier, you can open your scanner and fast travel to the Deep Mines Employee Exit to quickly get there. Otherwise, prepare for a run across the Mars surface.

starfield delivering devils deep mines employee exit

In the mines, exit the Material Analysis room and turn right in the tunnel. Go up the stairs at the end and unlock the door with the key Lou gave you.

Walk down this hallway and go up another pair of stairs to come out to an impressive cavern. Use the walkway around the left or feel free to jump across if you have an appropriate boost pack.

starfield delivering devils path through cave

After getting across, continue straight through the cave, turning right once the cave opens up and you see the building. Unfortunately the jump from the cave to the HQ does not seem possible.

starfield delivering devils path through cave 2

Continue down the rocky path until you reach the building, where Percival will be waiting for you.

Percival will lead you inside to a researcher station where he’ll do his analysis. It turns out the Tau Ceti Terrormorph shares traits with the ones at Londinion, where a huge Terrormorph attack happened.

Fortunately, there’s an elevator in the headquarters to make the trip back to Cydonia faster. Enter the room past the research station and turn right up some stairs to the lift.

starfield delivering devils elevator to surface from hq

Back on the surface, open your scanner and fast travel to your ship to quickly reach Cydonia. The icon should be close to the quest marker.

Enter the colony and go down the elevator to The Sixth Circle, Lou’s bar. You’ll find Hadrian in front, but she wants to move the conversation somewhere more private.

Hadrian and Percival will lead you through a doorway on the left side of the bar. After the conversation, you’ll find out you are going back to New Atlantis to meet with the United Colonies Cabinet.

The United Colonies Vanguard storyline continues with the Eyewitness mission in New Atlantis. With the Terrormorph threat growing, it’s going to be important to find key allies.

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