Where Hope Is Built – Starfield Mission

This little mission is very fast and doesn’t offer much in the way of mission options. You can play it nice or mean, but it all shakes out the exact same. As the deputy earning their stripes, you need to follow up on the only lead you have for the ruffians you slaughtered, the origin of their stolen ship, Hopetown.

  • Quest Type: Faction
  • Prerequisite: Deputized
  • Unlocks: Shadows in Neon
  • Location
    • System: Cheyenne
    • Planet: Akila
    • City: Akila City
    • Location: The Rock
  • Rewards (At level 47)
    • 11300 Credits
    • 250 XP

We bet you don’t know who Daniel Blake is. Well, mystery solved, it’s the Marshal – at The Rock with the candlestick. Travel to Akila City and walk all the way back up to the Marshal’s office to get briefed on the next step to this mission. He’ll tell you that the stolen ship came from Hopetown, so that’s where you need to go.

starfield freestar rangers where hope is built marshal
Image 1

It can be a little tricky finding Polvo, even with the starfield objective marker guiding you, because it is in the same location as the Narion System. You have to click on the grouping of the two systems, then select the Polvo System (Image 2). If you just spam select, then you’ll go to the first system, Narion, every time. Alternatively, you can simply go to the missions tab and click “Show on Map” or “Set Course” while having the current mission selected (Image 3).

Immediately upon arriving in orbit, you will receive a distress signal from Nia Kalu, the ranger stationed in the system. She will say she needs help, and you’ll be prompted to board her ship. To board a ship, get within 500m of it and press the prompted button to “dock” (Image 4).

starfield freestar rangers where hope is built docking nia kalu v2
Image 4

You can find Nia in the cockpit of her ship, which is on the middle level; she’s injured and will explain what happened. You can be mean or nice to her, but regardless of the dialogue, you will have to repair her ship.

After speaking with her, you will see three starfield objective marker at different points of her ship. Unfortunately, they are all on different levels – use a good jetpack to avoid the slow ladder animation. Navigate to each one, then select the broken component to fix it – beyond easy (Image 5). When all three are done, you will return to Nia.

starfield freestar rangers where hope is built repairing ship
Image 5

Nia will be thankful for your assistance, and say that she’s heading down to Hopetown. You, however, need to chase the ships that attacked her and deal with them. She said they were heading to the nearby moon of Miatha. You will need to undock your ship from hers, then you can select the moon and travel there (Image 6).

starfield freestar rangers where hope is built miatha v2
Image 6

When you arrive, the ships will attack you without hailing you. Nia wasn’t kidding when she said she did some damage to the ships. Two of the three will be in dire straights, only needing a couple of hits to send them to the cold, dark embrace of a space death. The third one will have a little more life, but overall this fight shouldn’t give you any difficulties.

starfield freestar rangers where hope is built killing outlaws
Image 7

With justice served, you can head back to Polvo and land in Hopetown. You will see the starfield objective marker showing you where the main entrance is, but feel free to check out the gun store and bar for some side missions, if you’re keen. Nia will be waiting for you at the security checkpoint by the entrance. She will take you up to Ron Hope’s office when you’re ready.

Nia will give you the run of things while she leads you up to Ron’s office. Again – just like the Marshal – she will remind you to be tactful with Ron because he sits on the Council of Governors. Eventually, you’ll make it to his office at the top, then you cab talk to him.

starfield freestar rangers where hope is built ron hope
Image 8

Despite the warnings, you can talk to him anyway you want with no repercussions. He will tell you that he demands justice for his stolen ship, and that you need to not tell anyone about it — the latter’s reason being he wants to save face and not have more thieves come to Hopetown. At the end of the meeting, his assistant will arrive with news that the stolen ship made a stop in Neon: your next stop.

After the meeting, Nia will want to tell you that there’s a ranger who will help you in Neon, Jaylen Pryce. Then you will receive your mission rewards and start the next one!

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