Dream Home

Game: Starfield

You own a luxurious, customizable house on a peaceful planet! Unfortunately it comes with a 125,000 credit mortgage with GalBank that has to be paid weekly.

If you want an extra house to decorate, or just one that you can access immediately, then yes, Dream Home is a worthwhile trait to take. Note that there are other homes you can buy and decorate as well as outposts, your ship, your quarters at Constellation headquarters, and so on – so having your own house may not seem like a very big deal after a while. The house doesn’t offer anything that you can’t get elsewhere except for a unique building to make your own. If that doesn’t appeal to you, you may find other traits more interesting.

As far as the cost in credits, banks in the 24th century seem to be a lot more forgiving than in the modern day. You don’t have to pay the mortgage at all unless you want to use the house. At that point, you must make an interest-only payment of 500 credits, which will allow you to enter the home for one week. So you can forget about the house entirely and let it sit unused, and come back and make a payment when you want to access it again.

If you plan to use the house a lot, you will eventually want to pay off the mortgage, which will cost you 125,000 credits. Because your weekly payments are only covering interest, you’ll never pay off the mortgage unless you do so in a single lump sum. You also have the option to allow GalBank to foreclose and take the home, which will remove the trait (and access to your Dream Home) permanently.

To pay your mortgage weekly, you can simply fly to your dream home on the planet Nesoi in the Olympus system and interact with the front door. If your mortgage hasn’t been paid for the week, it will prompt you to pay 500 credits.

To pay your mortgage off completely, you will need to head to GalBank in the Commercial District of New Atlantis. There you can speak with Landry Hollifeld and select the option “I want to talk to you about my house on Nesoi.” Before you see this option, you may have to discuss a collections quest with him. Pay him 125,000 credits and the house is yours forever – no more mortgage payments required.

You can land right beside the Dream Home and approach it using a dirt path that leads up a slope. The house sits among a rock outcropping and is two stories tall, with a large front porch and an even larger patio on the second floor.

The first floor consists of a large living area that is all one open room with a kitchen cut out in the middle and a bathroom on the far end.

There is a Cooking Station in the kitchen by default. Other workbenches can be added along with other furniture and decorations by using the Decorate panel next to the kitchen area.

Upstairs is another large, open room with a countertop and another bathroom identical to the one on the first floor. Down the hall are two more rooms and the door to the upstairs patio.

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