Game: Starfield

Weapon (Pistol)

Damage: 53 Physical
Ammo: .43 MI
Magazine Size: 6
Fire Rate: 140
Range: 19
Accuracy: 70.1%
Max Mods: 6
Mass: 1.75
Value: 43,244
Console Code: 8D850
Unique Effect(s):

  • Staggering: Small chance to stagger enemies.
  • Berserker: Does more damage the less armor one has.
  • Frenzy: Small chance to frenzy a target.

It can be acquired towards the end of on one of the first Crimson Fleet mission after joining, Echoes of the Past. Speak to Delgado after returning to the Key with evidence. You’ll be rewarded with the Keelhauler.

starfield unique items keelhauler location
  • Barrel: Long Barrel [x], Magnetic Rails, Standard Barrel
  • Laser: No Mod, Recon Laser Sight [x]
  • Muzzle: No Mod, Compensator [x], Muzzle Brake, Shock Charge Band
  • Magazine and Battery: Armor-Piercing Rounds, Depleted Uranium Rounds, Standard Magazine [x], Tactical Magazine
  • Internal: No Mod [x], Hair Trigger, High Velocity
  • Receiver: Fully Automatic [x], Semi-Automatic

[x] denotes the default configuration

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