Gael Tunnel Dungeon Walkthrough – Elden Ring

This dungeon is yet another mine, with miners mining. It’s another fairly short dungeon, and the upgrade materials as well as the unique weapons are worthwhile to grab to make your journey through Caelid easier.

Unique Rewards:

As you enter these tunnels, instead of being greeted by the usual elevator, you’ll find a couple of soldiers standing guard with their backs conveniently turned, as well as a small drop down that leads deeper into the cave. Backstab the soldier to the right before dealing with the crouching one and jumping down to the ledge to the left.

There, you can grab a Somber Smithing Stone [2] in the nearby tunnel before continuing your descent deeper into this dungeon, which is where you will find your first site of grace. Once you’ve activated the site of grace, continue following the tunnels until you reach an open area. Following the tunnel and going (A) straight will lead you deeper through the dungeon and closer to the boss room. However if you’re feeling adventurous, going (B) right will net you a Cross-Naginata as well as some upgrade materials, and the small area (C) under the wooden platform has 2x Smithing Stone [4] as well as a Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot and a handful of Cracked Crystals.

gael tunnel forking path elden ring

We recommend going to the right (B) first to grab the weapon found there. First grab the Golden Rune [5] from the nearby corpse before turning right, where you will have to deal with a couple more soldiers: one crouching to the right and another in a darker area nearby. Once they’re dead, grab the Smithing Stone [4] near the doorway and proceed inside to find a small room with a giant octopus. There you can either fight the octopus for its eggs, or just run around the room while grabbing the Somber Smithing Stone [4] and Smithing Stone [4] embedded in the walls, and the Cross-Naginata on a corpse behind the octopus.

Now you can head under the wooden platform (path C), which is where you will find a couple of soldiers and miners standing in the way of your loot. Leave no quarters as you cut your way through the hardworking undead there, and grab the Smithing Stones from the walls before grabbing the Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot to the right of the room, behind a few crates.

You can now follow the (A) main path towards the boss room, which is conveniently very close. Sneak up to the enemy next to the ladder for a backstab and jump down. There, behind the ladder, you will find a soldier dying to play the trumpet to signal his dead friends. However since you made sure that his undead friends are deader than they used to be, he will be no real threat. Grab the loot from the nearby corpses that don’t need it anymore, and proceed further through the tunnels to find one big wooden gate (B) where the boss resides, and a small door (A) that gives you access to a very convenient site of grace, as well as a Smithing Stone [4].

gael tunnel boss room entrance elden ring

Unlock the way to the site of grace first, before fighting the boss: the Magma Wyrm.

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Blue Warrior
Blue Warrior(@music-sweetmusic)
2 years ago

After I activate the Gael Tunnel Rear Entrance site of grace, the Gael Tunnel Caelid-side site of grace is available to fast travel to. I can’t say for sure this isn’t a bug or some unique circumstances I’ve come across to make this happen, but it allows you to meet Alexander in the blocked passage, then fight through the tunnel from the other side and free him without ever stepping foot in Caelid itself.