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Ash-of-War Scarab

Game: Elden Ring

Mask made from a large, old white scarab’s body. Slightly reduces FP cost of skills, but increases damage taken. Slot: Head Weight: 5.1 damage negation icon eldenring Damage Negation: Physical 3.8 Strike 3.8 Slash 4 Pierce 3.8 Magic 4.6 Fire 4.6 Lightning 4.6 Holy 4.5 resistance icon eldenring Resistance: Immunity 42 Robustness 22 Focus 27 Vitality 26 Poise 2

Where to Find the Ash-of-War Scarab

You can find the Ash-of-War Scarab on the bridge leading to the Divine Tower of Limgrave. You can get there from the Limgrave Tower Bridge site of grace, in Stormveil Castle.

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