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Aspects of the Crucible: Tail

Game: Elden Ring

Creates supple tail to sweep area before caster
Spell Category:
Slots Used: 1
FP Cost (Initial • Held): 32 – 30
Stamina Cost: 42
attributes required icon eldenring Attributes Required: Faith 27

One of the ancient Erdtree incantations. Creates a supple tail that sweeps through foes before the caster. Charging enhances potency. This is a manifestation of the Erdtree’s primal vital energies-an aspect of the primordial crucible, where all life was once blended together.

Where to Find the Aspects of the Crucible: Tail Incantation

You can get this incantation by defeating the Crucible Knight boss in the Stormhill Evergaol in Limgrave.

stormhill evergaol map elden ring
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