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Blue-Feathered Branchsword

Game: Elden Ring

Reduces damage taken by 50% when HP is below 20%.

A talisman adorned with blue feathers, once used in ancient death rituals. Raises defense when HP is low. The heart sings when one draws close to death, and thus does one cling so tenaciously to life-to render up a death worth offering.

Where to Find the Blue-Feathered Branchsword

Reward for defeating the Deathbird found in Northern Limgrave — head southeast from the Warmaster’s Shack to reach the Deathbird’s spawn (which only occurs at night).

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1 year ago

This talisman is absolutely good on some singulars builds, in a level to make you look like a second phase boss when low life. Combine it with some HP regen sources and a way to grade your life (can be Blood Slash) and you become literally invincible.