Castle Morne – Elden Ring Walkthrough

This is the biggest dungeon in the Weeping Peninsula, and completing it will allow you to advance Irina‘s quest.

Unique Rewards:

First and foremost, grab the Castle Morne Lift site of grace before proceeding towards the elevator, and riding it all the way to the top. There, you will find yourself in a large court with several enemies and 3 different paths.

castle morne court elden ring

Since going (B) straight or going around the (C) fire will lead you deeper into the dungeon, we’ll be going (A) left first. There, you will find two dogs defending a Smithing Stone [2]. Once you grabbed the Smithing Stone [2], we can head back to the main area, and deal with the enemies there. To the very left of the room, you will find several dogs that should be dealt with first. If you’re not fighting them close to the other humanoid enemies, you can deal with the dogs separately.

Now it’s time to deal with the remaining enemies. Luckily, they’re too busy worshipping instead of paying attention to their dying friends. Pull them back one or two at a time by using a ranged weapon or a spell, and they shouldn’t pose much of a threat. On the top of that hill, behind the fire, you can find 2x Fire Grease, as well as another path to the right that we’ll go to once we finish exploring this main area.

castle morne fire grease location elden ring

Go towards the (B) path straight in front of the entrance, and there you will find another Pumpkin Head enemy that you can easily sneak up to for some free heavy charged attacks, which should make short work of him. Once he’s dead, turn left to grab the 3x Smithing Stone [1].

castle morne smithing stone location elden ring

Instead of continuing right, go back to the pathway located behind the fire as this will allow you to grab a few extra items before continuing through the dungeon. When you start exploring that path, turn left as soon as you enter the room to find a chest hidden in the corner, and loot it to grab the Claymore.

castle morne claymore location elden ring

You can now continue through these rooms until you reach a ladder that leads to the upper area of Castle Morne. Climb it all the way to the top, and you will find several enemies fighting one another. Kill these enemies one by one, and then you can start looting your surroundings to find a (A) Steel-Wire Torch and a (B) Furlcalling Finger Remedy, before climbing the ladder located west of this area.

Up there, look for the broken side of the wall, and jump down to the tent under you before continuing forward. There you will meet one of the enemies praying on the pathway, while two extra ranged enemies are sitting on the wall behind him. Dealing with all of them at once would be problematic, so instead, come close enough for the ranged enemies to notice you, and hide where you came from to have them come to you instead.

After crushing your enemies, you will reach another area with several paths:

castle morne fork elden ring

While the (B) path is leading you to a nearby site of grace, it involves dropping down to an area that you can’t backtrack from. So instead, we’ll be making a short detour to the other path that you can find by climbing down the (A) ladder. There you will find some more enemies, and a staircase leading to the top of the tower, which is where you will find Edgar, Irina’s Father.

You can finally deliver Irina’s Letter, which will advance her quest. Edgar will inform you that he can’t leave the castle yet, as he must recover the “treasured sword of Morne” first. You can now head to the site of grace at the end of the other path (B). From the Behind the Castle site of grace, start going down the cliff until you reach the buildings located along the castle walls. There, jump down to a nearby wooden platform to grab the Stonesword Key before descending to the next section.

Head northwest while defeating a few more enemies and climb the tower at the end of the path, to find a chest with the Twinblade Talisman at the very top.

castle morne twinblade talisman elden ring

With the last bit of loot retrieved from here, it’s time to continue descending the ramparts. After grabbing the talisman, go back down the ladder and drop down to the roof nearby. Safely jump down from the roof, and jump over the cliff to find yourself over another opening in the roof. There you will have to jump down to several wooden beams in order to reach the bottom.

Once you reach the bottom, run out to avoid being devoured by rats and wait for them to follow you outside, which will make killing them significantly easier. Afterwards, run back in to grab the Whip, and head left after coming out of the room, in order to grab the nearby Beside the Rampart Gaol site of grace.

castle morne hidden site of grace elden ring

You can now either continue until you find a ladder, or just drop down to the lowest level. There, before entering the nearby boss room, make sure to grab the Somber Smithing Stone [1] hidden nearby.

castle morne somber smithing stone [1] elden ring

All that’s left now is to use Edgar’s summon sign next to the boss room and proceed to the Leonine Misbegotten encounter.

Once you’ve defeated the boss, make sure to go back to Edgar and exhaust all of his dialogue to advance his quest to the next step.

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