Impaler’s Catacombs – Elden Ring Walkthrough

Another fairly short dungeon in the Weeping Peninsula, with your favorite enemy type: imps.

Unique Rewards:

The start of this dungeon is fairly straightforward, and you only have to defeat a couple stone imps while going down the stairs. By continuing further through the dungeon, you will reach a room, which will be the first ambush that these imps love so much. Unfortunately for them, you can clearly see them hanging on the wall above lit torches, so calling this an ambush is generous to say the least.

impaler's catacombs imp ambush eldenring
Least sneaky FromSoft enemy ever.

Either pull the enemies back individually, or rush to the ranged enemy to get him first before gutting his friends. Once they’re dealt with, you will reach two forking paths: the one going left has an enemy and a Grave Glovewort, while the path to the right will take you deeper into the dungeon.

The path to the right leads to a trapped room. Entering the room will cause the floor to rise, and you to die. There is one Grave Violet to grab in an alcove to the left of the room if you’re brave, otherwise just step into the room to activate the trap, before running back out so that the way forward opens up. Jump down while the floor is lifted to progress further through the dungeon.

This flooded area will have you face infinite waves of enemies, so killing them is futile. While they aren’t challenging themselves, they will try to hug you to death, which can feel overwhelming. Before leaving this god-forsaken room, make sure to grab the Prattling Pate “Please help”. The rest of this flooded area is filled with these enemies, but fortunately for you, you can just run through while picking up the crafting materials along the way. Once you reach the ladder, you will be able to go up and unlock and gate leading to the dungeon’s boss by using the lever next to the statue.

impaler's catacombs lever elden ring

Now continue through the hallway until you make it back to the entrance to the dungeon, and rest at the site of grace to replenish your flasks and spend any excess runes you may have. The only thing that’s left is to head back down the stairs, and the gate leading to the Erdtree Burial Watchdog boss will now be open.

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