Limgrave Tunnels Dungeon Walkthrough – Elden Ring

The Limgrave Tunnels (which are in Limgrave, naturally) are home to miners, hard at work excavating crafting materials you can use! Of course, you’ll have to kill them to get it all. This dungeon can be challenging if you aren’t prepared, but with the correct weapons, it isn’t too tough.

Unique Rewards:

Most enemies here are sturdy, but they are weak to Strike damage. If you do not have a weapon dealing Strike damage, go to the Nomadic Merchant south of the Coastal Cave dungeon entrance to purchase a Club for 600 runes, which will make short work of every enemy in that dungeon.

While you proceed through the dungeon, you will reach a room with several enemies that are busy mining. These miners are the most common type of enemy here, and if you try to fight them, you will notice very quickly that they’re made of stone. These enemies are sturdy, which means that most weapons will deal very little damage. However, the Club you purchased from the Nomadic Merchant will deal high damage to these miners, and two-handed heavy attacks will be able to stagger them.

In this first room, you can fight the miners one by one, though they still remain challenging as they can’t be staggered. Alternatively, you can just sneak by them since they’re busy mining. If you decide to sneak through instead of fighting, you will however miss out on all of the upgrade materials embedded in the nearby walls.
Once you go down the stairs or drop down, make sure to visit the room behind you that has three rats guarding a Smithing Stone [1] — but beware of the miner that will ambush you once you move past the rats. When you reach the elevator, go all the way to the bottom. There, guarded by two dogs and a couple miners, you will find 5x Lage Glintstone Scrap, and 2x Smithing Stone [1].

When you’re done picking everything up, get back on the elevator. While it’s going up, roll down to the tunnel that will be southeast. You will reach a forking path with several enemies mining, as well as a couple more that will notice you straight away, and will throw fire bombs at you and use their lanterns as makeshift flamethrowers.
Visit the path to the right first, to pick up all of the Glintstone Scrap, before proceeding on to the next elevator. There is a small ledge with a lantern where you can jump to before the elevator — doing so nets you a few useful items — so keep an eye out as you go down.

At the bottom, turn right to pick up the crafting materials, before opening the gate which leads to the Stonedigger Troll boss fight.

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1 year ago

First elevator, jump west go down for a ledge with a Golden rune (4)