Earthbore Cave – Elden Ring Walkthrough

This is a very short dungeon located in the Weeping Peninsula. Its residents are rats, and a jacked bear.

Unique Rewards:

The very first room you reach will have a very tempting, unguarded chest. If you simply run up to the chest, the cracked part of the floor will break apart, and you will end up surrounded by angry rodents. However there is still a way to get the chest’s contents without triggering the trap.

Carefully approach the chest from the right, while avoiding the cracked part of the floor. You’re now able to loot the chest before continuing deeper down the cave.

The passage to the right, will lead you to the room filled with rats, which will be much easier to deal with if you avoided the sneaky chest trap. By continuing right, you will find another tunnel that will lead you to a hole, where you can jump down to a small platform from which you can descend to the very bottom of the cave safely. There, you will find this dungeon’s boss: the Runebear.

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